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Where in the world is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange?

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Dave Griffith
Dave Griffith
Julian Assange

Where in the world is Julian Assange? Apparently in the United Kingdom according to latest reports. British intelligence even claim to know where he is hiding. But then again they claim to know a lot of things they don’t really have any idea about.

Swedish authorities have won a court ruling to have Assange arrested for questioning about a rape case in Sweden. That has earned the WikiLeaks founder a place on INTERPOL’s most wanted list.

Many politicians in the United States and around the world are calling for Assange to be arrested or for dire crimes against humanity.

So what has this evil man done? What crime has he committed that he should be hunted down like a fox before the hounds?

Well it turns out that his evil crime is to publish the truth. Yes it is shocking isn’t it. Fancy telling the truth to the masses, it is disgusting.

We know what he has published is the truth because it has raised such a hornets nest of opposition from governments around the world. The American diplomatic cables offer a rare insight into the intelligence that embassies gather that is fed back to the United States to help shape US foreign policy.

The WikiLeaks websites have mysteriously disappeared off the internet at times and every day new crimes are being added to Julian Assange’s catalogue of evil.

So why are governments so upset about the truth becoming known? All we can deduce from this is that the ‘truth’ is just reserved for the select ruling few, and the masses should be content to digest the spin that they are fed as factual news.

We can also deduce that while world leaders speak the truth about each other in public they think a different truth behind the scenes.

Among the myriad of world politicians yesterday calling for WikiLeaks to be silenced was a lady by the name of Sarah Palin. Sarah says that Assange is like an al-Qaeda terrorist with “blood on his hands.”

“Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaida [sic] and Taliban leaders?” she asked in a message posted to her Facebook page.

Well if Sarah hates Julian and Wikileaks that is good enough for me. Because when Sarah speaks we know that rational thought and intelligent debate are not in the same room.

Good on WikiLeaks for giving the world an insight into the difference between public ‘lies’ uttered by politicians and the private ‘truth’ about what they really think.

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