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"Would Jesus be a Capitalist?"

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

 “So far 3 trillion dollars have been spent on economic stimulus packages. One percent of this could feed 59 million hungry children for one year.” - World Food Programme.

Having recently returned from a fabulous holiday in Cuba (with a concerning new affinity for fine cigars), I was able to ignite the most ferociously ridiculous political arguments among my friends from the United States, simply by bringing up the topic of my trip. I was confused - “since when did we all become experts on evil Cuban politics after a few drinks?”
I couldn’t stop thinking about this latent communist rage during the build up to the signing of the controversial United States health reforms, which would lower health care costs for Americans, expand coverage and end  “the worst practices” of insurance companies. 
In Cuba heath care and education is free. One of the fundamental principles of Partners in Health is free health care and education for the poor. A preventative approach, rather than curative. It has always blown my mind that in the United States, the richest country in the world, people die for lack of health care, which many would consider to be a basic human right. Having once said, “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane”, I’m sure that Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud that the reforms were signed by a black President.
How funny, I thought, when protestors opposed to this bill gathered outside the U.S. Capitol and called Obama a socialist. I watched Republican John Boehner on You Tube say, "This health care bill will ruin our country… We´re gonna keep working to make sure that they never, ever ever ever ever get the votes to pass this bill.” Ummm… Well said John. (Honestly, do you pronounce his last name the way I think you do?)
As explained by one writer, this extreme opposing attitude consists of “crude and unintelligible ranting coming from the political right… No more mom and apple pie with this bill… This is a communist plot and orchestrated by non-white, non-Christian America haters." 
Is this strong opposition and fear of socialism an extreme over-reaction based on misunderstanding and greed? If this reform bill is, “a foot in the door to socialized medicine and ultimately to other socialized things” … is it necessarily a bad thing?
A 2001 report from the University of Maine discussed how the United States is the only country in the developed world, except for South Africa, that does not provide health care for all it's citizens. According to the UN World Health Organization, although the United States health system accounts for a higher portion of the gross domestic product than any other country in the world, it only ranks 37th out of 191 countries in its performance… if you were a United States citizen… wouldn’t that piss you off? 
In his latest movie, "Capitalism, a Love Story", outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore considers, “Would Jesus be a capitalist?” He ultimately believes no, “because you cannot love your money and love your neighbour."
On Moore's blog extreme attitudes of protest against the health care reforms are described as, “outbursts of hatred and protection of profit confused as cultural and national pride… There is nothing patriotic about letting a sick neighbour suffer and die… We knew long ago that we have the money in the system to provide healthcare to all. This is simply a matter of insane and gross power, greed and selfishness run riot in our system.”
I'm putting my hand up in agreement. And I had a mint time in Cuba with the communists. 

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