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Turner: School Leaving Figures A 'National Shame'

Turner: School Leaving Figures A 'National Shame'

New figures on school leavers' highlight a massive gender gap in New Zealand schools, according to UnitedFuture education spokesperson Judy Turner.

"The gender gap has become enormous - about three times the size of the gender pay gap that receives so much attention," says Mrs Turner.

Wilkinson: Predictable Fear Campaign By Labour's Mates

Wilkinson: Predictable Fear Campaign By Labour's Mates

24 July 2008 - National Party Industrial Relations spokeswoman Kate Wilkinson says she is disappointed by the hysterical response from a couple of Labour's biggest cheerleaders over National's balanced industrial relations policy.

Beamish: Kiwi Short Film Garners Six Figure Audience

24 July 2008 - The internet is closing the gap between Kiwi talent and global audiences, with the short film Perfection set to become one of the most widely distributed and watched New Zealand films of its type ever made.

Greens: New Environment Centres Are Key To Conservation

24 July 2008 - Green Party MP Metiria Turei is pleased to be part of the opening of the Nelson Environment Centre - at 215 Akersten St Nelson - at 1pm today.

Mallard: National's Policy Another Attack On Working People

24 July 2008 - The National Party's employment policy released today is yet another attack on workers and their families, undermining the hard-fought-for protections employess have enjoyed under the Labour-led government, Labour Minister Trevor Mallard says.

NZ First: OCR Cut Does Not Change Need For RBA Rewrite

NZ First: OCR Cut Does Not Change Need For RBA Rewrite

24 July 2008 - Despite providing much needed relief to home-owners and exporters, this morning's decision by the Reserve Bank to cut the Official Cash Rate to 8 percent does not reduce the need to rewrite the Reserve Bank Act, says New Zealand First economic development spokesperson Doug Woolerto

Cosgrove: New Zealand To Chair Attorneys-general Meeting

24 July 2008 - The Associate Justice Minister Clayton Cosgrove will chair and host the meeting of the Australasian Standing Committee of Attorneys-General today and tomorrow in Canterbury.

UnitedFuture: Dunne Detests Parliament's 'Stalactites'

24 July 2008 - UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne is appalled by the sudden eruption of six cylindrical stalactites from the ceiling of Parliament's debating chamber.

Cullen: Key Running Scared On His Own Policies

24 July 2008 - Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen has today re-released the lightweight policy positions announced by National in the past fortnight following John Key's attempt to slip them out under the cover of darkness.

Blue: More Empty Labour Platitudes On Cancer

24 July 2008 - National Party Associate Health spokeswoman Jackie Blue says it is ironic that Labour says it will keep a close eye on a new prostate cancer drug trial, the results of which will be some years away.

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