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Goodhew: Hairdresser Petition Launched In Nelson

5 July 2008 - "A day after truckies clogged our major centres, hairdressers look set to join the growing queue of Labour's critics," says National's Associate Health spokeswoman Jo Goodhew.

Anderton: Starfish Teaches Students About Sustainable Fisheries

4 July 2008 - Ensuring New Zealand's fisheries are sustainable into the future is the key message behind a new teacher and student resource kit launched by Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton today.

Libertarianz: Libz To CAFCA: Don't Vote For Us

4 JULY 2008 - Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath said members of the xenophobic far-left organization Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa should avoid voting Libertarianz at the coming election.

Cunliffe: 3G Mobile Investment Drives Further Broadband Surge

4 July 2008 - Communications and Information Technology Minister David Cunliffe said New Zealand's regulatory regime has given telecommunications companies the flexibility they require to bring broadband to rural areas.

Turei: Green MP Joins Students In Protest

Turei: Green MP Joins Students In Protest

Green Party Tertiary Education Spokesperson, Metiria Turei, joined students in Auckland this morning in a march down Queen Street against student debt and fees.

This Government has failed tertiary students and understandably they are angry, Mrs Turei says.

English: Labour Lining Up Households For More Costs

"Labour's planned rewrite of monetary policy threatens to load even more costs on to households at a time when they're screaming out for relief from relentlessly high mortgage rates," says National Party Finance spokesman Bill English.

Tolley: Crumbling Classrooms? Go Public

Education Minister Chris Carter has now made three embarrassing back downs in three days over his Ministry's inaction on crumbling schools, says National's Education spokeswoman, Anne Tolley.

"If this isn't enough to signal the system is not working, nothing will be.

Creser: Speaker Wilson's Words Worthless

Ryall: Yet Another Committee On Health Workforce

Ryall: Yet Another Committee On Health Workforce

Labour has completely lost the plot with its announcement of yet another committee to deal with health workforce crisis, says National Party Health spokesman Tony Ryall

Kedgley: ERMA's Madness Endangers NZ Beef Exports And Our Health

Kedgley: ERMA's Madness Endangers NZ Beef Exports And Our Health

It is madness that the Environmental Risk Management Authority is risking New Zealand's meat and dairy exports by continuing to allow the use of a highly toxic insecticide which is banned or heavily restricted in more than 50 countries, the Green Party says.

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