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Freebate electric vehicle policy ignores existing $20k per vehicle subsidy - ACT

"The Government's proposed electric vehicle 'Freebate' policy ignores the massive subsidies of at least $20,000 for electric vehicles already in place," according to ACT Leader David Seymour

Evidence FPAs are compulsory unionism by stealth - Scott Simpson

Today’s NZ Initiative report confirms so-called ‘Fair Pay Agreements’ will be compulsory, centralised unionism by stealth, National’s Workplace Relations and Safety spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

Meridian Energy welcomes action on cleaner cars

Meridian Energy welcomes the government’s proposal to introduce standards and discounts incentivising cleaner vehicles in New Zealand.

Generation Zero's response to clear car announcement

Generation Zero is happy to see that the Government is beginning to take action to help Aotearoa transition toward a low emissions vehicle fleet by implementing a Clean Car Standard and Discount.

Vector welcomes clean vehicle action plan

Vector, New Zealand’s largest electricity distributor, has today welcomed the Government’s proposed plan to encourage more New Zealanders into electric vehicles (EVs) using price incentives.

A house and land for every New Zealander will heal our nation - Tamaki

Destiny Church Leader Bishop Brian Tamaki is questioning how the New Zealand Labour Government plans to house 1,500 refugees in 2020 when there are already more than 11,600 New Zealanders - our highest level in over a decade - on a waiting list for state housing.

Mercury supports Government’s car carbon proposals

Mercury welcomes the Government’s leadership in reducing emissions in the transport sector through the Clean Car Standard and the Clean Car Discount proposals.

Proposals could be game changer for EVs - EECA

Proposals to get more low-emission vehicles on New Zealand roads could be a major step for the transport sector and for transitioning New Zealand to a low-carbon economy, according to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

Govt proposing to make clean cars cheaper to tackle climate change

The Government is proposing to make electric, hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles more affordable so New Zealand families can choose a vehicle that’s better for the climate and their back pocket.

Govt to make clean cars cheaper to tackle climate change - SS4C NZ

School Strike 4 Climate NZ (SS4C NZ) welcomes the announcement of the proposed Clean Car Standard and Clean Car Discount as a step in the right direction in tangibly reducing emissions.