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Unsustainable Biofuels Add To Fuel Price Hikes

The Government is out of touch with the concerns of New Zealanders over high fuel prices and the international problems with biofuels by pushing ahead with a compulsory biofuels requirement this year, says National's Environment spokesman, Nick Smith.

Zimbabwe: "Desperately Serious" - Key

National Party Leader John Key is expressing deep concern over the developments in Zimbabwe, and is calling for southern African leaders to intensify their efforts to resolve the situation.

NZ First Pushed For More Worker Protection

22 June 2008 - New Zealand First says casual and temporary workers desperately need the extra protection to be provided by proposed changes to the Employment Relations Act.

The changes, negotiated by Deputy Leader Peter Brown, were announced by Minister of Labour Trevor Mallard today.

Broad Health Delegations Launched

Health Minister David Cunliffe today launched extensive delegations to a strong team of Associate Health Ministers giving them a wide scope for action.

Labour Fails To Stem Trans-Tasman Exodus

The exodus of people leaving for Australia continues to pick up pace under Labour, says National's Immigration spokesman, Lockwood Smith.

Dr Smith is commenting on the latest migration statistics for the year ended May 2008.

Canadian Taser Experience A Warning For New Zealand

Canadian Taser Experience A Warning For New Zealand

Green Party MP Keith Locke says the Canadian experience - where police have frequently used tasers well beyond their mandate - should make us wary about introducing tasers here.

Dismay At Steve Fitzgerald's Death

The National Party's law and order spokesmen are dismayed at the death of long-serving top policeman Superintendant Steve Fitzgerald in a traffic accident in Lower Hutt last night.

Fast Forward Fund Nothing But Fast Talk

Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton is doing a hasty rewind of his beloved Fast Forward Fund says National's Agriculture spokesman, David Carter.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that this on-the-hoof policy has been ill-thought out and is riddled with holes."

Greens Challenge Key To Reveal National's Version Of ETS

The Green Party is challenging National Leader John Key to come clean on what kind of emissions trading scheme his party would introduce if it becomes Government later this year.

Parliament Needs To Address The Issue Of Abortion

19 June 2008 - Independent MP and Kiwi Party member Gordon Copeland today renewed his call for Parliament to address the issue of abortion, following the release of the Bioethics Council report "Who gets born?"