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Groping is not Kiwi for "You look nice."

Two weeks ago today, I was groped.

This is not a particularly earth-shattering revelation. One in five New Zealand women experience sexual assault as an adult; one in three girls will be subjected to an unwanted sexual experience by the age of sixteen.

5 Reasons to watch Wonder Woman

If you're wavering about whether to see Wonder Woman, who are you and have you been planning some nefarious villainy on a planet far, far away?

Put On Your Valentines Day Dating Hat . . Now!

Valentines Day draws near.

Movie Review – Life Of Pi

Movie Review – Life Of Pi

What can I say, Ang Lee, or Al to his peps back in the hood, sure knows how to make a film look beautiful, and I wouldn't be surprised to see 'Life Of Pi' walk away with best Cinematography at the Oscars next year.

The End of Men? I Don't Think So . .

Some of you may have read about a forthcoming book “The End of Men” about the “shocking speed” with which the dominant position of men is changing forever.   It seems a little far-fetched to make such a radical suggestion, but as a dating person used to dealing w

The worlds largest marine park is in the Cook Islands

During the opening of the Pacific Island Leaders Forum last week; Cook Island's Prime Minister announced the creation of the Worlds Largest Marine Park that will pro

Serj Tankian: Harakiri Album (What he wants you to hear)

Serj Tankian: Harakiri Album (What he wants you to hear)

Serj Tankian (lead singer of System of a Down) fans will be aware that his new album Harakiri is out.