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A “Must See” Golf Movie

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

Going to see a golf movie is usually a go it alone experience unless the significant other(s) in your life share your passion for the great game. But this could change if Charles Boyer is to be believed.

Charles writes, ‘Seven Days In Utopia: An Awesome Must-See Film…This is not your typical cliched sports film.  It's an amazing movie, and after you've seen it three times, as I now have, you start to grasp that golf is only the canvas on what this movie is truly all about it is painted upon...and in deep, vibrant colors that will stay with you for a very long time.’

The movie premieres in theatres across America on September 2nd and Charles writes that it’s ‘one of the best golf films I have ever seen -- and I think I have seen all of them…’

‘One of the best’ wouldn’t be hard to beat given that no movie with a golf theme has ever come close to capturing the attention of the masses. Correction, there’s two movies; ‘Tin Cup’ and ‘Happy Gilmore’ but they can’t be described as great viewing for the serious golfer or movie buff.

Another new golf movie which has taken years to reach the silver screen; Clint Eastwood bought the book rights but gave it away in the early 1990s, is ‘Golf in the Kingdom’ but alas Neil Genzlinger’s NYT movie review suggests it’s a go it alone experience.

Michael Murphy’s book, ‘Golf in the Kingdom’ is one of my favourites but perhaps that’s because it has a very Scottish feel to it and appeals to inner-game golfer in me.

Neil writes, ‘The film, Susan Streitfeld’s adaptation of Michael Murphy’s 1972 novel  will probably draw the same love-it-or-hate-it response the book has: either it’s a brilliant merger of golf and philosophy, or it’s a collection of windy New Age nonsense about a sport played mostly by rich people.’

‘Played mostly by rich people’ perhaps in the USA but most definitely not in Scotland. And as for ‘windy New Age nonsense’? Not so if you believe the words of the crusty, charismatic golf  “guru”, Shivas Irons who says, “The greatest breakthrough is taking your own sweet time to reach your goal, be it par or enlightenment.”

According to Wikipedia, the movie ‘…was released to great acclaim at a sold out premiere in New York City on July 29, 2011’. And there’s a video clip/trailer at rottentomatoes where you can make a judgment call as to going it alone to the movie, or not to go at all.

Here’s the link to Charles and to Neil.  

Quote of the Day

“Ye have tae start from the inside” - Shivas Irons to his student seeking attitudes to improve his golf and life in general

And this New Agey thought, or not.

“Golf is a game to teach you about the messages from within, about the subtle voices of the body-mind. And once you understand them you can more clearly see your 'hamartia,' the ways in which your approach to the game reflects your entire life. Nowhere does a man go so naked.” - Michael Murphy - Author of Golf in the Kingdom

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