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All Black Fans Letter to Graham - 5 Simple Rules To Follow

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Dave Griffith
Dave Griffith

Dear Graham, It’s been a long time and we had a good thing once. I still love that ‘Crazy Frog’ thing you do when the cameras switch to the coaches box after the All Blacks score.  

It hit me hard when we split after the last World Cup when you were unfaithful. You promised that all that kinky stuff you were doing with the training of our beloved All Blacks was going to pay off. I didn’t like it but I went along with it and trusted you.
After we split up it was hard to take when, after providing loving support and a happy home for the AB’s for years, what I wanted was cast aside by the PC family court judges at the Rugby Union who granted you custody. Even though you had been unfaithful and were shacked up with two other guys, all my love and support counted for nothing.
I had sort of come to terms with it over time, but hearing you talk after the All Blacks defeated the Wallabies on the weekend brought it all back. You were talking about the end of year tour being the road to the World Cup and players needing to put their hand up for Cup spots.  I have heard it all before and all those painful suppressed memories came flooding back.
Part of me hopes things are different for the sake of the AB’s, but I am not confident.  But since we are stuck with each other and you have custody of our AB’s then we have to make the best of a bad situation. I really hope you make the most of the second chance you have been given.
I know you stopped listening to me a long time ago but I am giving you 5 simple rules you need to follow in the hope you might read them and take note.
1.     Stop talking up the opposition. We used to only do that when we were being nice and playing someone like Canada who had no chance against us. Now you are doing it all the time about the Springboks. They are not better than us Graham. Our boys have just as much talent as them. The Springboks are better coached and the players follow the game plan better. So stop it Graham. It is disrespectful to all the players in the past who kept their mouths shut and showed by strength, talent and determination that they were better.
2.     Don’t be afraid to pick talented players from the Air New Zealand Cup. You are so keen on sticking with the players you know that you end up playing them out of position rather than go outside of your squad. There are talented young players like Zac Guildford and Sean Maitland right through the NPC that are worth a closer look.
3.     Listen to what the players are saying. It was obvious they weren’t happy Graham. They didn’t like your game plan and were having trouble following it. They came to you after the loss to the Springboks and wanted to do things differently in the build-up to the Wallabies test in Wellington. To your credit you listened and look how well they went Graham – we were so proud of them. It was the best performance of the year so far.
4.     Listen to the fans. I know sometimes it seems like we are out to get you. We just love the All Blacks and want to see them do well. When things are not obviously right then we voice our concerns. Because you have custody of them we are powerless and feel that speaking out is all we can do.
5.     Let talent express itself. This is simple. Fit the game plan around the talent we have. Don’t turn the game breakers into robots in a rigid pattern – it makes them look ordinary.  
There is part of me deep down that still cares for you my little Crazy Frog, but it’s too late to wind back the clock now. Let’s try and come to an accommodation for the sake of the children. Win or lose you and I are through. Too much has happened to ever trust you again. At least if the All Blacks can win the next World Cup then some good will have come out of this whole sorry mess. Please pass on my love and best wishes to the All Blacks. It is hard watching them growing up from a distance.
Your once loving AB Fan

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