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The Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

The Stanley Cup has been won by a dominant team in the Boston Bruins. This has left Vancouver with a bad taste in the mouth because of the terrible events after Game 7. Much worse than the 1994 Game 7 aftermath 17 years ago as the loss was suffered at home.

I have been living in Vancouver BC for a year and a half.  Hockey is one of my favourite sports and what was witnessed in the Vancouver Canucks run was magical, winning the President's Trophy and getting to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals it couldn't get any closer than that. The sort of behavior that I saw on TV after the game really shocked and disappointed me as that is not how this city is at all.

After the game a riot broke out in Downtown Vancouver near Georgia Street the Robson Street and Granville Street area. The helicopters and BC police (including RCMP) were out in force when the rioting broke out as angry fans and gangs burned cars, smashed windows, were fighting, looting and damaging property! 150 people got hurt and millions of damage made. It was disgusting!

As a hockey fan you become a very passionate person as it is a great sport. There are no excuses for that kind of behaviour after an NHL Playoff Series. There are other way to express yourself than damage this beautiful city of Vancouver. The town is never like this. It appeared that some people went downtown after the game to win or cause trouble. That is not in the spirit of the game nor the Canucks. The Boston Bruins justly won the Stanley Cup through three 7 game series led by an incredible Tim Thomas who indeed won the Conn Smythe Trophy. 

What I saw after the final game for the NHL was embarrassing! This is not a true reflection of Canada at all. There were just too many people drinking early and too many idiots who some were not there for the hockey but out to destroy. There were also many people just trying to get home as the public transit system shutdown for the first time in a longtime! 

I feel sorry for the fire department and police, RCMP They had to put up with these angry crowds by using tear gas as large groups would not disperse. I was very shocked to see all the YouTube video footage and what was happening as CBC CTV caught it all on Camera. I know that the city and the people are better than that and that few really bad people started this frustrating event.

I am pleased to see many volunteers helped clean the streets in the city today. I saw many boards up on Hudson Bay, London Drugs, Chapters and Macs replacing the glass that had smashed. The people of this city pulled together to help repair the damage.

This was not a good advertisement for the city of Vancouver BC at all. This province is a very beautiful, multi-cultural and the people are friendly. There are various communities in the city and everyone has the right to express themselves freely. This is a one off event that was stupid and not at all what the people of Vancouver are like.

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for well earning the Stanley Cup. I wished my home town would accept this defeat graciously? You have to learn to lose well in order to win well and celebrate, I love my home town but not when people take things way too far and lose sight of the humility of competition.



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