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Caveman Golf – Keeping it Simple

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Golf is quite simple when you play caveman golf,” said the Edinburgh-based Aberdonian. “See target, hit ball, find ball and see target again. You just have to keep it simple,” so writes Martin Dempster who headlines his post, “Richie Ramsay chooses ‘caveman’ route at Scottish Open.”

No middle ground

Martin quotes Richie as saying, “I always believe the best golfers are either the guys who don’t think at all or really think about it and work out a proper plan. If you are in the middle ground, I think you are stuck. “

Ramsay pointed to on-form Dustin Johnson as the “perfect example” of someone who doesn’t over-think things. “He looks as though he plays golf under no pressure, which is a great ability,” he added. “Tiger [Woods] was more intense and obviously knew what he was doing, but DJ does it a different way that also works as he freeflows it. “It helps, of course, that he hits it 360 yards and straight as well.”

Caveman golf the answer?
Rob McGarr also picks up on Martin Dempster’s article in The Scotsman and writes, “Why thinking too much may be costing you shots – and caveman golf could be the answer,” and then proceeds to give further thought provoking information, “…that Ramsay intends to channel his inner DJ in the hope it will bag him a first win of the 2016 season. His last victory came in March 2015.

"I can get much too fiddly," says Ramsay. "I start asking how far it is to the back edge rather than just picking a yardage and swinging it.
"When I do that I am normally pin high. When you get too much information you can over-think."

A response to Richie’s comments

Sometimes the best reads over at The Scotsman is the comment's section and PJ Walker is a classic example when he records this instance of Richie’s information overload.

PJ writes, “I have just picked myself up from the floor where I fell laughing hysterically at this from Richie.
Bear with me when I recite, almost word for word, part of a conversation I overheard between him and his caddie Ryan last year in the DP World Championship in Dubai.
RR. What's the front?
RM. 157
RR. Where are you getting that from?
RM. The front of the bunker here.
RR. What's front from the spot?
RM. 158.
How about from the young tree there?
RM. 156.
Where's the wind-is it coming from- 11 o'clock?
RM. yes Richie.
RR. Not 10.30?
RM. No, 11...
RR. what's front adjusted?
RM. 153.
RR. What's the pin?
RM. 173.
RR. Are you sure?
RM. Sure, Richie.
RR. I'm going to land it 162. Is that down grain, or into grain?
RM. ( looks puzzled) Er.. into grain, Richie.
RR. What's that wind doing now
RM. The same, Richie-11 o'clock.
RR. You sure?
RM. Yes.
RR. What is it to cover the bunker on the left?
RM. 147.
RR. It's getting cooler now, yes
RM. Yes Richie.
etc, etc, etc, ....
This went on for another minute or two, before Richie hit his approach which landed and stopped 3 yards short of the green.
Richie, I have every respect for you as a player, a gentleman and an ambassador for the game. Please, please swear that you will put this Caveman approach into practice!"

Here’s the link to Martin Dempster and Rob McGarr

Quote of the Day
"David, my coach, always tells me one word: kiss. That means, 'keep it simple, stupid'. Sometimes when I am in a pressure position and I need to do well, I sometimes get a little over-complicated or overthink it. Rather than actually think about something, I try to not think about anything. Sometimes it is hard to not think about not thinking!" – Lydia Ko


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