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de Villiers Insults a World Record 6.8 Billion People in one Interview

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Dave Griffith
Dave Griffith

Peter de Villiers the quote machine of world rugby has exceeded his own achievements to date in setting a new personal best mark of insulting 6.8 billion people in a single interview.

The press conference as part of the build up to Saturdays Tri-Nations test between the Springboks and the All Blacks was vintage de Villiers. Not since the Wallabies Eddie Jones has there been an international coach who winds up the opposition as a normal part of their game plan. In this case though Peter has taken aim at a much larger section of the population - all of it in fact. 

Normally content with dropping one press conference clanger at a time pre test match. Peter has managed to empty his entire 'out tray' in one go, including new previously unheard material.

Here are the 'entree' quotes to get us started with potential people offended attached.

The Referees in last weeks loss to the Wallabies = 3 people

"People don't want to see other teams being successful. That is my biggest problem at the moment"

"We can't go public at the moment about certain things because we don't have the evidence, but the body language of certain officials when things went against us in that game (Brisbane) made us worry".

"The officials were so happy when decisions went against us on the day".

Of course Peter we all saw it. The referee doing 'high fives' with the assistant referees every time he penalised the Springboks - disgusting. As as for evidence, it is thoroughly overrated as a basis for statements. In most rugby fans experience referees are happy blowing the whistle for any penalties regardless of which team it is against.

Other Top International Rugby Teams = 260 people plus the IRB = 116 people

"I am talking about the No.1 rugby team in the world. Shouldn't they really get the other guys to that level? Or do they want to break things down so that the game can become mediocre and everyone has a chance to win it?

In talking about whether he would complain to the IRB again he said it "was a complete waste of time".

That's right none of the other teams are at your level and the IRB is wanting to drag you down rather than improve the others, everyone is so jealous of South Africa's success.

Hamilton City = 131,000 people

"There is nothing in Hamilton"

"So I decided to bring them here (Surfers Paradise) to keep them interested so that they can be fresh when we get them to New Zealand on Thursday".

If you thought a Waikato crowd will be over the top in supporting the All Blacks it's guaranteed now.

The New Zealand Rugby Media =  37 people

Still on staying in Australia "It is also nice to be around positive reporting. We don't need to be in situations where people want to bring our players down. By staying here on the Gold Coast it will add to the positivity that needs to be instilled in our player's preparation".  

Haven't had much to do with the Aussie media before have you Peter? The NZ rugby media usually show excellent courtesy to touring teams. Unless they start shooting their mouths off. If anything they are harder on their own team than the opposition. 

And now for the Main Course

The Whole World = 6,769,348,978 people (estimate at time of writing) 

"I believe life within your own country (South Africa) is sometimes a burden because you have to face it every day, but when you go outside your borders, you see it is actually worse".

Yes that's right Peter, living in South Africa is a relentless daily burden, but the rest of the world is so much worse. How comforting for you.

The only question now is where do you go from here Peter? When you have had a crack at the world as we know it do you have to search for uncharted worlds in other galaxies to find new people to offend?

Come to think of it, there are some who might think that this is a sensible trek for you to undertake.

For most of us we might think things but not articulate them. For Peter he seems to articulate things he hasn't thought about yet. 

Note: If there are any world governments out there hell bent on starting a war but not sure how to go about it. Some might recommend making Peter your Foreign Minister, and then you are guaranteed a rapid commencement of hostilities. 


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