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Formula 1 - Countdown to Race 6 Monte Carlo, Monaco

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Ferrari through the ages.

20th May 2009 - Well there has really only been one story dominating the Formula 1 headlines this week and that’s been the revelation that Ferrari are threatening to pull out of the competition.

To put this into context for people who aren’t fans of Formula 1, or don’t know the long history of the sport, Ferrari are the only manufacturer to have been competing in the sport since its inception back in 1950. That’s a nearly 60 year history, so when they threaten something like this it needs to be taken seriously. 

They threatened this once before, many years ago, when they said they would go and race in America. That time though they won the battle and stayed in the sport.  This time, however, it’s hard to say what will happen. Ferrari isn’t the only team looking to pull out either as Renault are also threatening to do so over the same issues. 

Now why all this talk of pulling out? Well the governing body of Formula 1, the FIA, is looking to cut the costs of the sport to make it more competitive and affordable for all teams. At the moment the big names spend a lot of money in research and development, which the smaller teams just can’t afford, and the results are clearly seen on the track.

So these cost cutting measures will suddenly make it possible for new teams to compete on the same level as the 'big boys', which of course has made the big teams very unhappy. They wish to cut costs as well, but at the same time want there to be no limit so as to keep ahead of the pack.

With the FIA looking pretty set in their ways on cutting costs and the bigger teams throwing their weight around, it's almost impossible to say what will happen at the end of this season. Watch this space is all I can say.

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