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Golf: ‘Rhambo’ Rages Yet Again

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“History mostly tells us that if you can’t control your emotions in golf, you can’t control your golf ball,” writes Randall Mell and a headline which includes this thought, “Rahm's temper distracts from his talent.”

Randall says, “Rahmbo” may already be one of the game’s most exciting players, but anyone who really cares about where he is headed has to watch with trepidation,” and especially Thomas Bjørn the European Ryder Cup captain who must be wondering how to handle “Rahmbo” given, unless there is a serious self-destructive spell will definitely be in the European team.

“Rhambo” is on record as saying, “I know golfers are supposed to internalize everything, and I wish I could,” Rahm said. “Every time I try to keep it to myself, just imagine a Coca-Cola bottle. If you shake it once, then it comes down. But once you open it, it’s a complete mess, and that’s what happens if I try to keep it down. If I try to keep it down, at some point, I’m going to miss a shot that’s not that bad, and I’m going to lose it. Sometimes, I need to get mad.”

Bobby Jones and Tommy Bolt
Whenever I hear or read about temper tantrums while playing golf two famous golfers come to mind, Bobby Jones who overcame the blight and Tommy Bolt who never did in spite of what the records may show.

Randall reminds us, “Tommy “Thunder” Bolt won 15 PGA Tour titles, including the 1958 U.S. Open, but he regretted that his reputation for throwing clubs overshadowed his reputation as a shot-maker.” And I will add this from fellow Texan Ben Hogan who said, “If we could've screwed another head on his shoulders, Tommy Bolt could have been the greatest who ever played."

Bombs away
We are told that, “Rahm is just 23, still learning, still working with his mental coach on issues like this,” and elsewhere Golf Wire writes, “Jon Rahm's mental coach reportedly has the skills to diffuse very high-pressure situations: he's a former bomb disposal expert. The coach, Joseba del Carmen is working with Rahm to help tame his fiery temper on the course, according to Golf Channel. Del Carmen has worked with Rahm since 2014 to control his emotions and stay focused. Given the Spaniard's widely-criticized and very public tantrum at the U.S. Open in June, it appears that Rahm still needs his coach's expertise.”

Given it’s now 2018 and “Rhambo” is still ranting it does appear that Joseba del Carmen can’t find a way to diffuse his client.

Link to Randall Mell and Golf Wire

Quote of the Day

“The mind messes up more shots than the body.” – Tommy Bolt


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