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Golf: “The Putter Nutter”

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
“How to never miss a 4ft putt . . . ever. The perfect putting method” is the message contained in Amazon's offer of The Art of Putting: Trevillion's Method of Perfect Putting by Paul Trevillion however the method is nothing new since his split hand pencil putting method has been around for about 50 years although I must admit that I have never before heard him referred to by his alleged nickname of The Putter Nutter.
Why Jordan Spieth misses the short ones
“Jordan Spieth from long range is great but he blocks it with his left from short range. The left stops the right hand working.” writes Mark Townsend during his detailed coverage of the life, times and methodology of Paul Trevillion. Starting with an interesting back story.
“And within time he (Trevillion) would proclaim himself the greatest putter in the world, backed up by world tours where Trevillion would take on all comers from four feet. One wide-eyed punter put up his car in a head-to-head, shortly after Trevillion was running a Rover 2000.”
Why the resurgence?
A reviewer at Amazon writes, “This was popular in the 1970's and with the pending
ban on "anchoring" long putts is appropriate once again !!!” and maybe now that a new generation(s) are being introduced to the concept it may be time for all of us sad-at-missing-short-putt senior golfers to give it a go.
Some of the basics 
Over at GQ magazine we are advised.
“The putting crouch
Tilt from the waist and ensure your shoulders are parallel to the ground. The centre or axis of the putting stroke is the top of the spine between the shoulder blades. You could ask someone to place a tray across your back and balance a drinking glass on top and the liquid in the glass would be perfectly level.
The soling of the putter
Keep the sole of the putter perfectly level with the ground. Start your putting stroke by lifting it slightly, to ensure you do not catch the grass on the backswing and follow-through.
Grip pressure
Your grip should be tight, just like you would hold a pencil... but it should never be tense. Never tense! Forget "feel" for the short putt: the ball is too close to the hole for feel to play any part.
The strike
As a mental image, imagine the ball is asleep. Give it a hard whack, its eyes open... it sees the hole and it dives in. The putt's history!”
Link to Mark Townsend and GQ magazine
Quote of the Day
“Trevino put all ten fingers on the putting shaft by sliding his right hand down the shaft a shade, the putting stroke controlled by the right hand. This prevented the left hand coming into play at the moment the putter blade struck the ball, preventing pushing or pulling the putt left of the hole. The Trevino grip was an adaption of the Trevillion pencil grip.” - Paul Trevillion

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