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Golf: “My Arse It Is Bad Luck!”

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“This is the worse rule in golf that doesn't exist.
You hit a great drive and end up centre of fairway in a divot ..... fair ??? My arse.its bad luck. Needs changing.”
So writes Lester Munday on Mark Townsend’s, “The one rule that should never be changed”.

Mark makes his point
“Which rule in golf am I on about?
Relief from fairway divots, of course.”
Mark continues, “In my humble and often ill-thought-out opinion you can tell a lot about a person by their viewpoint on this so I’ve collated my inner-most thoughts on why it irritates probably as much as someone talking you through their round.”

Judging by the reactions of ‘persons’ commenting on Mark’s post it does appear he’s struck a nerve in many of his readers and dare I say some are suggesting he’s talking through a hole in his a***.

A pace of play nightmare
Ryan Lavner covers this touchy topic when he writes, “Another issue is defining a divot: Is every small indentation in the fairway a divot? What if it’s filled with sand? (Jack Nicklaus was among those who said sand-filled divots should be treated as ground under repair). Or partially replaced? With players questioning every spot in the fairway they think is unfavorable, it could become a pace-of-play nightmare.”

As for me who over the years has too often played with people who will take every opportunity to ‘bend’ the rules a change in the divot rules would be a bad idea,

The spirit of the game
Mark writes, “It’s not a game of perfect; we’re all grinding away in a 150-acre field, there will be wind, rain, quirky bounces, irritating playing partners, slow play, bumpy greens, some untrustworthy swing mechanics and your own thoughts to contend with,” and I agree that any attempt to play around with the spirit of the game is not desirable. After all how many times have you actually found your ball in a divot?

Therefore I agree with Kerry Ann, “Play as you find it you might end up in a divot 3 or 4 times a year...” And as someone who plays regularly, 3 to 4 times a year would’ve been a bad year for me but must add that I play on well-kept golf courses and perhaps there’s merit for making a local rule regarding divots on poorly maintained golf courses.

Link to Mark Townsend and Ryan Lavner

Quote of the Day
"Golf doesn't build character, it reveals it." - Dr John Kenworthy


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