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Golf: $5,000 a Set and About To Go Up

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“When I first hit PXG’s clubs I was extremely impressed by how they felt. They felt solid and the performance was – wow!” That’s Lydia Ko’s reaction to her new clubs and so she should at $5,000 a set.

Better be quick

Joel Beall writes, “Bob Parsons says PXG clubs, already retailing at $5,000 a set, are going to cost a lot more.”
Quoting “brazen” Bob, Joel writes, "We’re the only company that ever puts a disclaimer in advertising, a warning that our clubs are amazing but expensive," Parsons told the Republic. "I don’t know anybody else who does that. But it’s true. We make a top-end golf club the way Ferrari makes a top-end car. In other words when we release a set of clubs you’re not going to find anything better."

And the talk on the web as to why anyone would pay that amount for a set of golf clubs, someone suggested it’s the “Tesla effect”.

Why get rid of them?
Over at golfwrx there’s a forum thread which reads, “Why did you get rid of your PXG irons?” And here’s my pick of remarks.

“Well, the supermodel I've been dating didn't like them. She thought they diminished her appeal.” And on a more serious note, “Distance control = horrible Too much bounce and soles are too wide.”
Then there’s, “If you're a blade guy, they won't work for you.  I couldn't be happier with mine.”
And so the moral of the story is, perhaps you should pass on PXG if you play with blades.

Link to Joel Beall  and the thread at

Quote of the Day
“Sold em, got my money back and ordered a set with DG Tour S400's.  Not embarrassed at all.  I'm a club whore.” – Major Winner at golfwrx


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