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Golf: Anyone for Tennis (Rules)?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

It’s been suggested that "Anybody on for a game of tennis?" has its origins in typifying a genre of drawing room comedy about the leisured upper class, but it must be said this does not include the wealthy golf superstars who leisurely take many hours to play a round of golf.

Way to go Rory
Ewan Murray’s headline reads, “Rory McIlroy believes golf can learn from tennis to eradicate slow play...Northern Irishman wants proper penalties to be enforced...Golfer encouraged by European Tour’s plan to deal with issue”. And Ewan reminds us that, the glacial pace of play at the Solheim Cup last weekend reverberated way beyond Gleneagles.”

McIlroy does strike a sympathetic note when he said: “It’s hard because there’s different scenarios where you have to take your time. It was tough conditions up there (Gleneagles). It was windy. But you know, something has to be done.”

Referees with and without balls
Rory reminds us, “If you look at the US Open final, Rafa [Nadal] got a time clock violation on a really big serve. Like, at the end of the final of the US Open. So if they can do it then there’s no reason why we can’t. It’s just a matter of enforcing it and being consistent with it.”

It has been reported that only one referee at Gleneagles had the balls to hand out a ‘bad time’.
One ‘bad time’ in all of the three days of painfully slow playing.

Follow the money

So who’s to blame?
Rory and Brooks Keopka appear as rare exceptions among their peers who appear to be satisfied with the slow pace of play, given they’re making lots of money, so why complain?
The sponsors appear to be more than happy with the money and prestige they gain, so there’s little to encourage them to think differently.
So follow the money for the solution. If the players and the sponsors are OK with the present situation, change will only come when they start losing money or making substantially less than present times.
Link to Ewan Murray

Quote of the Day

"I mean, five and a half hours to play golf is a long time. Everybody's going to get bored."
 - Brooks Koepka


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