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Golf: Augusta Overrated

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“TOUR CADDIE: I went to Augusta for the first time and had to do a lot of homework, but the second and third times, I had it figured out. It's not that complicated. If you have a brain at all, you figure it out pretty quickly. Local knowledge there is overrated. The truth is, it's not that good a course.”

The above is only one of the many anonymous remarks made in, “Tiger Confidential: What Pros Really Say About Tiger’s Chances At The Masters,” by John Huggan and Dave Shedloski and here’s my pick.

No Sinatra swan song please

“BROADCASTER: I would hate for him to come back, claim to be back to full fitness, then play rubbish. I don't want him to limp away from the game with people lamenting the sadness of it all. I don't want him to be like Frank Sinatra at the end. He was still starring at concerts, even when he couldn't sing anymore. We'll find out quite quickly which direction Tiger is heading.”

Zero skill, just luck
“FORMER TOUR PRO: The 12th is such an exciting hole, but it's also a bit unfair. It's hard because the wind blows around so much. There is zero skill involved in judging that; it's all luck. He doesn't have the consistent distance control he used to have, or the ball flight, or the spin rate, so where he used to be able to rein back on an 8-iron and control all of the above, now all he'll have is the hard 9-iron. And when you hit that shot, where it ends up is in the lap of the gods.”

Driving performance could be decisive
“TOUR PRO/TV ANALYST: He's one of the most erratic-driving great players ever.”
“BROADCASTER: Turning it over from right to left is dangerous for him. If he's trying to turn one around the corner on 13, I can see him in the trees on the right a lot. Which is better than hooking it in the creek. So holes where he has to move it strongly right to left could be a problem. Which is not to say that I think you have hit draws to win at Augusta. That's nonsense, as Jack and Fred have proved.”

Link to John Huggan and Dave Shedloski

Quote of the Day
“It is the Masters, so guys will get tight. Augusta rules out more guys than any other.” – Anonymous multiple tour winner


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