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Golf: Bad Dreams? – You’re Not Alone

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“What I do manage to obsess about, even when asleep, is my inability to get the club away due to a bench blocking my backswing. This, more often than not, happens on the 15th tee at Wimbledon Park and I’m playing with Seve or Greg Norman, sometimes both,” writes Mark Townsend in “A look inside the strange world of golf dreams.”

Me too

Mark’s experience immediately resonated and in my case my (bad) golf dreams awareness all began when one night several years ago I was dreaming of beginning my backswing on the 17th tee at Titirangi and couldn’t get my club back because about one foot behind my ball was a 12 inch up-stand of earth.

More recently I was one shot away from qualifying for the Open Championship and I blew a simple 8-iron to the last green and ended up with something like a 12 on my card.
Now thanks to Mark I now know I’m not alone in having bad dreams involving golf; I’m not the exception but on a par with very many other golfers both amateurs and pros.

Take for instance (amateur) Graham

Mark writes, “Let’s start with a friend, Graham, who from the outside looking in, has no golfing demons. He plays off 6, has a remarkably repeatable fade and he has the short game of a wizard.
But when the lights go off he’s often in a world of hurt…
“The most recurring factor is a howling left-to-right wind, into. I play anywhere up to 40 shots effectively heading in a wide clockwise pattern, using every hole on the course, except the one I’m meant to be playing until I eventually approach the tee again, from behind, at which point I mercifully wake up.”

As for the pros
Mark writes, “Another tour winner asks not to be included for the sake of his own mental health but assures me that he has “enough stories to fill a small book”. Another wakes up when he gets DQ’d fo anchoring his belly putter.
As for Andrew Coltart, his dream is too long and scarey for posting here, suffice to provide a brief comment from Mark’s report on Andrew, “My (Andrew Coltart) one and only chance of winning the Masters has eviscerated with each chop of my sand wedge but my chance of now making the cut has gone up in flames too. I never do get the ball out of that drawer.”
And as to be expected in the way dreams work, Andrew never ever played in the Masters.

Link to Mark Townsend

Quote of the Day
“To be or not to be.” - Allegedly said by Hamlet when considering whether or not to continue playing golf.
For the record he did add, “To sleep – perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub…”


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