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Golf: Bob’s A Bit Different

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“This lad is pure box office great player and knows himself that being honest is better than old school college boy politeness and manners.. His swearing live on tv after a couple of wild shots was hilarious.. Cmon big Bobay,” so writes JD Indy commenting on Tom English’s “Bob MacIntyre: Still Game, shinty and creches - time on side of golf's rising star”.

Quirky golfing terrain
At a time when the vast majority of wannabee professional golfers choose college golf as the way to go and learn it was refreshing to read, “He (Bob) tells a story about his home place that makes him crease up with laughter: "It's wild, a par 62, up and down mountains, short and tough and tight. There are two green keepers and one of them is my dad. As a kid, there'd be 12 or more of us young guys there playing little chipping games. Who can spin it the most? Who can find that little gap through the trees? Who can clip it off the top of a tree root and get it closest?
And at a location Tom describes as, “the quirky golfing terrain of Glencruitten in Oban.”

Shinty as a useful sideline
Tom English writes, "It gets my (Bob) mind away from golf. I'm just out there with the boys having a wee game of shinty. I remember in April I shot 78, 77 and missed the cut in Morocco and I came home and I was like, 'I'm not really enjoying this, it's all golf, golf, golf'. It was more on the mental side than anything else. I was tired and I needed to do something else - and that was shinty. I spoke to my mum and dad about it, went back training and finished second in the British Masters in my next event." 

Link to Tom English

Quote of the Day
“You awright?' and he kinda nodded at me. He hadn't a scooby who I was." - Bob MacIntyre referring to walking past Phil Mickelson as he was walking into the locker room and he was walking out.


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