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Golf: Can Shinnecock Survive?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
“It came as no surprise to learn that Shinnecock Hills, venue for this year’s US Open, will be 446 yards longer and significantly tighter than when it last staged the championship back in 2004.” So reads the article at the National Club Golfer who headline their article, “Why Shinnecock is a course that will stand the test of time.”
Can Augusta National survive?
Of course it can just like Shinnecock but in what sort of shape come 20-years down the road?
Preceding their coverage of Shinnecock the NCG article discuss the distance problem.
“The club and ball manufacturers look set to challenge any attempt the R&A and the USGA might make to rein in the modern ball but they will do so in the knowledge that Augusta will be supporting the game’s authorities rather than themselves.” 
Following this with, “The new Augusta National secretary, Fred Ridley, made the club’s position on distance control crystal clear.
“We are intent on making sure we maintain the design philosophy that Mr Jones and Alistair MacKenzie devised,” he said.”
And I ask, “Can Augusta National survive?,” when as I have elsewhere written that, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt it’s all over the golfing world like the R&A and AGNC and when Fred Ridley is reminded of a very significant quote by founder member Bobby Jones he may like to think again about how much his famous course has changed and alas not for the better. 
Specifically speaking
The NGC writes, “There’s a great quote from Bobby Jones dealing specifically with the 13th hole, which has been lengthened over time, and he said that the decision to go for the green in two should be a momentous one.” But now we have modern day athletes who also play golf, and hitting prodigious distances where in most instances their “momentous decision” is to whether to hit a soft-seven or hard-eight iron to the 13th green.
Link to the National Club Golfer 
Quote of the Day
“Surely the USGA are wiser now – but then again, after Koepka finished at a staggering 16-under a year ago, anything is possible should the governing body be in a vengeful frame of mind.” - Dan Murphy at the National Club Golfer

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