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Golf: Captain America’s Crisis

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

"How Reed navigates the next nine months, until the 2020 Ryder Cup, will be an insight into the rest of his career – and to this point, he’s shown zero remorse or any interest in image rehabilitation." writes Ryan Lavner at Geoff Shackelford's blog, "Captain America, No More: Where Does Patrick Reed Go From Here?"

Where to from here

Geoff writes, “Some of the best writers in the business took a crack at trying to figure out where Reed—who plenty of fans and writers think deserves time away from the game for his Hero World Challenge cheating—goes from here. Eamon Lynch at Golfweek wonders who will have the courage to bench “Captain America”.
“’s Ryan Lavner notes that Reed is now on his own again after surviving the post-Hero backlash within “the protective cocoon of team play.”

No more captains and teammates shrugging off his misbehavior for the sake of team unity. No more reporters being held at arm’s length. No more hiding behind a red, white and blue banner. It’ll be Reed, alone, facing fan criticism and absorbing daggers from his peers.”

“’s Bob Harig thinks it may just be time for Reed the relentless world traveler to shut it down for a bit of reflection.”

No forgiving or forgetting
It appears that Geoff has struck a hot topic here.
Mr. MJR writes, “Wow. 120 comments. Not since this blog's purveyor and a certain architect had some "discussions" have I seen a thread roll like that. Thanks for sharing.”

As for Frank Stefanec, “Another item I don't understand is this. In the past, Tiger's transgressions were so bad he needed a TV Special to apologize. Everyone forgave him and moved on. Bravo, terrific..
But because it's Patrick Reed, there will be no forgiving or forgetting.”

Then there’s Bob Thomas, “Wow. The above summary of golf's writers is quite a pile on. I haven't been following this story close enough to have a firm opinion. I tend to agree with the collective POV that Reed is a self absorbed cheater.
That said, the other side of my brain wonders if the golf media is trying to spin me into group think. You know, the same way the MSM is doing with our politics.
When it comes to ALL forms of media, call me "suspicious cat."

Link to Geoff Shackelford

Quote of the Day
"Perhaps it is time for some reflection, some introspection. Reed is a unique talent, a guy with plenty of moxie but his brashness has gotten him into trouble." - Bob Harig


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