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Golf: DeChambeau’s Driver Details

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“After putting on 20 pounds, and currently averaging 323.8 yards per drive in 2020, DeChambeau clearly wasn’t joking. But, with all this speed increase, wouldn’t you think he’d have to switch driver shafts into something stiffer as to not lose accuracy?” Writes Andrew Tursky who headlines with, “The fascinating story behind Bryson DeChambeau’s unique driver shaft”

What is even more fascinating.
Andrew writes, “Typically, shafts are fit to a player’s swing at the moment, not for a pipe dream of increasing speeds of 20-25 mph. That’s like buying an XL shirt size when you’re really a medium, expecting to pack on massive muscle.”

Given that, with that kind of thinking maybe I should go get these ‘blades’ now. The ones I planned on buying once my game got better.

5.5 degree driver
“According to Nolan, the shaft held up to the high speeds, and it will continue to perform for DeChambeau as his speed increases.
“The harder he swings it, the straighter it will go,” says Nolan.
Conventional wisdom says that shouldn’t make sense, but DeChambeau isn’t conventional, and his driver shaft isn’t designed to be, either. The only change he’s made to his driver setup recently is he lightened up the head weight from 196 grams to 185 grams on his Cobra King SpeedZone 5.5-degree driver (yes, it’s only 5.5 degrees) for even more speed.”

I’m prepared to buy ‘blades’ now in anticipation of playing a better game but not a 5.5 degree driver.

Link to Andrew Tursky

Quote of the Day
“DeChambeau has always curved convention, though, apparently even when it comes to driver shafts.” - Andrew Tursky


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