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Golf: DeChambeau Dumbing Down The Game

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“It’s not a skill to hit the ball a long way in my opinion,” Fitzpatrick said. “I could put on 40 pounds. I could go and see a biomechanist, and I could gain 40 yards; that’s actually a fact. I could put another two inches on my driver. I could gain that. But the skill in my opinion is to hit the ball straight. That’s the skill. He’s just taking the skill out of it in my opinion. I’m sure lots will disagree. It’s just daft.”

The above is from Zephyr Melton  who writes, ‘Is Bryson DeChambeau’s power a skill? Here’s what Jack Nicklaus thinks’

And Jack says.
“I have nothing but respect for what Bryson DeChambeau has done. I think it takes a tremendous amount of skill, a tremendous amount of hard work.”

‘Nicklaus went on to say he doesn’t necessarily like the impact enhanced distance has had on courses, but it doesn’t take away from what DeChambeau has accomplished. The onus on protecting courses falls on the governing bodies, not the players, Nicklaus said. If the stewards of the game want to defend courses, he said, they need to dial back the ball.’

Skill is defined as, the ability to use one's knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance and so it does appear that Jack is right. And I alas am wrong.

Link to Zephyr Melton


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