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Golf: Did Donald Backtrack? – Don’t Think So

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
Rory McIlroy

Luke Donald’s remark that he thinks Rory-Mac has more talent than Tiger has got lots of media coverage and now Ray Ballengee tells us, “Donald backtracks on Tiger, Rory comments”.

Fortunately I’d already visited Mike Walker at and got the facts.

Mike writes, ‘When news outlets picked up on his remarks, Donald went on Twitter to explain he was just talking about McIlroy’s easy swing and that Tiger is still the greatest player he’s ever played with.”

End of story? Not really because Luke has more to say on the matter.

“A few people aren’t understanding what I meant. The word talent and Rory means to me a free flowing swing who makes everything look so easy.”

And ain’t this the truth about Tiger in his heyday, “TW has always been the best at getting the ball in the hole when it mattered most. That’s not just talent that something else too…”

And these wise words and advice for those of us who focus too much on our golf swing methodology.

“Talent can only take you so far, you need the right attitude (mindset) and application to perform at the highest level…”

Speaking of Tiger, Andrew Rice is once again talking up TrackMan and posts, “Here is (video clip) Tiger Woods from the Chevron event last week answering questions about TrackMan." And if you’ve never heard about the marvellous TrackMan technology, there’s a link below.

In another post Andrew, through the use of TrackMan, came up with this, “The driver works much better when it strikes the ball with an upward hit. If a golfer swings at 100mph and strikes the ball with a 5 degree downward hit, they will be 28 yards shorter than a golfer who hits the ball with the same swing, but a 5 degree upward hit! The launch angle goes up, the spin goes down and boom, you’re not even swinging any harder.”

It should be of interest to Kiwis and particularly those who live in Auckland that JK’s World of Golf adjacent to the Auckland International Airport has one available to work with during your golf tuition.

Is working with TrackMan with worth a go?

I’ve personal experience of the guy who runs the show at JK’s and he’s a scratch golfer who rarely takes to the practice ground without the help of TrackMan - 'Nuf said about the money he won from us on a recent trip to Jack’s Point.

Here’s the links to RayMikeJK’s and the TrackMan web site

Quote of the Day

“It is possible for every golfer to get longer – yes, I said every golfer. Even you! Most of the gains can be made simply by learning how to deliver the driver to the ball more efficiently.” – Andrew Rice promoting TrackMan and then going on to state that in his experience the average golfer can add 15 yards through working with the feedback from a TrackMan session.

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