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Golf: Doing The Flamingo

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
“The point of this zoological discussion is that a flamingo stance may be the perfect fix for your putting, especially if you sense that you have too much body motion in your stroke.” That’s from Michael Hunt who we are told is a ‘GOLF Top 100 Teacher’.
Away with the birds perhaps? 
Could be said I’m crazy but I’ll try anything to improve my putting even if it means acting like a flamin’ flamingo.
Michael writes, “Try this: Drop a few balls on the practice green and set up with a narrow stance. Take a deep breath and exhale. Next, lift your heel up behind you (it doesn’t matter which one). Go slowly. This is a core-balance move, not a strength move.
Once you get comfortable, stroke a few putts.”
The theory
We are told, “When you’re standing on just one leg, you’d fall over if you shifted from side-to-side, so your body self-corrects by stabilizing and centralizing your weight. Once you get used to the feeling, go back to putting normally, with two feet on the ground. Your stroke will be smoother, your balance better and your distance control improved. Your putting will be in the pink!”
Bad science?
Michael writes, “Theories differ as to why flamingos stand on one leg. The correct reason, as neuromechanists have recently discovered, is that flamingos are more stable on one leg than they are on two—they’re able to passively support themselves on a single leg with almost zero muscle activity.”
Link to Michel Hunt 
Quote of the Day
“So that’s my best ever simple putting tip – pace the length of all of your putts.” - Ian Hardie
Ed note: Of course this assumes it’s only on the practice putting green you walk on one leg

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