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Golf: Dufner’s Waggle – The Way To Go?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

To waggle or not to waggle? That is the question.
Ben Hogan the man most admired as a ball-striker and an expert on the mechanics of the golf swing considered the “Waggle” to be a critical feature of the golf swing.

Jason Dufner’s recent run of success has highlighted the presence, or absence of waggling among the world’s best. Compare Jason’s waggling to Lee Westwood’s solid as a rock, static start.

Bob Fagan writes, “Do you experience inconsistency in your swing and results? It could be due to tension that results in poor or varying tempo. You might want to check your waggle. As you become a more advanced player, you might enjoy the “dress rehearsal” advantages that a waggle produces.”

Personally I find that waggling tends to make me too “handsy” when swinging the club but I’m open to the idea that it might be worth working on.
The Scottish story goes that the sage old man of the links often reminded the young lads, “Laddie, as ye waggle, so ye shall swing.”

Bob takes the golf teachers to task when he writes, “Any beginning golfer not being introduced to the waggle is not a good thing. Rather it is a terrible thing that not a single one of my friend’s instructors apparently see the need for a beginner to address the pressure of beginning a golf swing (full, half, chip, lob, pitch, etc.) from a dead stop. That borders on professional malpractice!”

On the subject of to waggle or not to waggle? Bob writes, “Maybe you don’t think that this is important, but no less than Ben Hogan spent a full chapter in one of golf’s classic instructional books on the waggle. And closely watch most any accomplished player and you will discover that they all employ a waggle.”

Hogan in his famous Five Lessons stressed the importance of not to groove your waggle and that is perhaps where I go wrong in my attempts to incorporate a waggle.
I try to grove it a la Nick Faldo instead of going with the flow like Sam Snead, another great waggler.

Strangely enough, not the right word because I’m lost for words to describe the phenomenon, when I’m relaxed at home swinging in the lounge, working out my latest “secret” I do waggle. Work that one out!

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Quote of the Day
“The waggle is the “bridge” between the address and the beginning of the swing.” – Bob Fagan

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