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Golf: Enjoy The Bombs

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Look, I’m not saying they don’t have a point (The golf ball going too far). But it’s a little like complaining about how the Internet has destroyed society in 2019—you’re absolutely right, but you’re also years and years too late. Nothing’s changing now, amigos! You’re the proverbial old man yells at cloud meme! Enjoy the bombs!” That’s from Shane Ryan who headlines his article, “The 10 greatest things that could happen in golf in 2019”

Bryson DeChambeau
Shane writes, “It would be terrific for golf if he (BdC) broke through at a major in 2019,” and I don’t disagree he has the game to win many majors however I’m having a problem accepting that he, “is the most exciting person in golf right now.”
Fortunately my extended festive season break allowed me lots of time to watch the Sentry championship and have to say the most memorable moment watching BdC was his knee drop at the 18th hole. However in his defence I must note that he’s on record as saying that the new golf drop rule is, “A bit absurd.”

Writing Rory off
Shane writes “Rory (McIlroy) smack in the middle of his “pick-your-favorite-polite-synonym-for-choking” phase,”
For sure there is some concern that his recent performance when playing in the final group on the last day are not too impressive but “choking” is a bit too cheeky.

“Someone extremely cool will emerge”
Now there’s a thought from Shane which hopefully will come true given that the best that’s come up in recent times is Bryson DeChambeau.

Shane writes, “Maybe it’s Cam Champ? I don’t know, but I’m longing for a dynamic figure to throw down the gauntlet this year. Some combination of Tiger and Miguel Angel Jimenez, but young. Someone like we momentarily thought Brooks Koepka might be, until he turned out be either boring or resentful, depending on the day. Someone like Sergio, but without the debilitating neuroses. Someone like Phil, but with an ounce of impulse control. You get the point.”

Link to Shane Ryan

Quote of the Day
“How much better can I get? Oh, man, in short, layman's terms, yes, absolutely, you can always get better. How much? I would say it depends on what I can do in the restrictions of my biomechanics. So it's all about air, air tolerances and being able to be more sensitive—less sensitive to air. So that when you do feel like you mess up it's not going to be that big of a mess up. I hope that makes sense."- Bryson DeChambeau’s not so short comment.


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