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Golf: Funny Fan Behaviour

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
“Walking around the US Open – and believe me, I walked a lot – it quickly became apparent that these idiots are very much few and far between,” writes Alex Perry while reviewing the behaviour of the weirdly dressed and vociferous patrons; Oops! that’s a ‘Major’ event where they most certainly would not be permitted to attend
Cut ‘em some slack?
Alex headlines his post, “Shall we all just cut American golf fans some slack?,” however he did tweet, “Winner of weirdest shout from the crowd: "Hey DJ! Why isn't Paulina on your bag?" 
Nevertheless he does make a good point when he writes, “Every time I see a British golf fan complaining about Americans – and I very much include myself in this – I just want to say to them that they’ve almost certainly done worse at a football match. I know I have. (Since you ask: I once threw a sausage roll on a pitch in frustration at another terrible refereeing decision.)” 
“Mashed potato” and “Tuna Melt”
“And sure, the whooping and hollering is irritating, and I’ll never understand why any of them think their cries of “Mashed potato!” are funny, but hey, they’re enjoying themselves at a sporting event – which is what we all should be at a sporting event.”
Whilst back in Britain, “I’m not saying I want to hear fans screaming “Tuna melt!” at players in Carnoustie, but we enjoy ourselves in a completely different way at The Open, don’t we?”
A two pint lemonade please
As it so happened this was Alex’s first appearance at a US Open and his observations on the food and drink available from the concession stands make interesting reading.
“Everything you eat here puts you one clogged vein closer to a cardiac arrest so why would liquids be any different?
You can buy a lemonade so large you could actually drown in it. It’s 32 ounces, or two pints. We can already feel our belts straining.”
As for food snacking, "Augusta is famous for its incredibly fair priced food, while here at Shinnecock you can grab a peanut butter and jelly – that’s jam to you and us – sandwich for $3.
And in terms of quality? No contest."
Link to Alex Perry
Quote of the Day
“The marshalls do a great job at The (US) Open, but there’s always someone who looks very recently removed from a war zone.” - Alex Perry

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