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Golf in Godzone: Allenby Under Attack

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
Robert Allenby

He’s not a Godzone golfer but the following could be described as a word of warning to any Kiwis who find themselves being interviewed in the US. Or by the US golfing media.

Say very, very little which could in any, even very small way, be construed as anti-American.

A couple of Aussies are learning the hard way but good on them for not shutting up.
This blog is about one of them, Robert Allenby (The other one is Geoff Ogilvy) who has an interesting point of view.
This is a link to, in my opinion, carefully thought out comments by Robert Allenby

And I can’t believe the amount “hate” mail it received.
Fortunately no critic was crass enough to say, “America, love it or leave it.”

Once again, (My previous comment was an Englishman commenting in The Times suggesting an All-England Ryder Cup team was OK) there goes my perception that golfers who read quality golf magazines and first class newspapers are intelligent and articulate-To be honest and in my experience most of them are but…

You don’t believe me? Read this.

“This guy [Robert Allenby] just needs to stop talking to the press. Nothing good comes out of his mouth. Instead of trying to word it correctly, why doesn't he just say, "I'm going to insult Americans again". And how much bigger is Europe than the US? 100,000 sq miles. I doubt he's traveling that much more than the average PGA player. Allenby is simply the bad guy from all the golf comedy movies. Shooter McGavin, David Simms, ... Robert Allenby. Probably treats the elderly, children, and dogs like dirt too haha.”

Can someone, preferably a knowledgeable and articulate American please tell me the previous occasion when Robert insulted Americans? And I don’t consider a remark about Anthony Kim coming home late, as anti-American.

And while on the subject of Australians getting offside with the Americans.
This headline at Geoff Shackelford’s blog.

“The question has to be asked though – who does this dickhead think he is?”

The “dickhead” is none other than Peter FitzSimons. Better known to Kiwis as one of the funniest and, most of the time, knowledgeable rugby commentators.

And he’s an Aussie who sometimes has harsh things to say about the All Blacks. But most Kiwis just laugh it off-Could it be the harsh antipodean sun makes Kiwis less thin-skinned than some Americans?

Wasn’t going to go there about Tiger’s driver-throwing incident at the Aussie Masters.
But Fitzy did and now he’s being called a “dickhead”.

Here’s a snippet from Fitzy’s article
“I love watching Tiger Woods, you love watching Tiger Woods. It must be the rough equivalent of what it was to watch Bradman bat. And yet somehow, Bradman managed to get through his own entire glorious career without ever once having a hissy fit…”

Thought from the day from Peter FizSimons:
"Rugby backs can be identified because they generally have clean jerseys and identifiable partings in their hair... come the revolution the backs will be the first to be lined up against the wall and shot for living parasitically off the work of others.”

Fortunately none of Robert Allenby’s critics had a hissy fit and wrote that he is “living parasitically” off the financial benefits of playing golf in America.

Link to Fitzy’s article



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