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Golf in Godzone: Encouraging Thought For Michael Campbell

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Finally. Two and a half years, 923 days, 71 tournaments (26 played), and eight major championships later, Tiger Woods is in the PGA winner's circle again.”

Derek Evers commenting on Tiger’s long-awaited comeback also lists the five longest times it’s taken for a pro to get back into the winner’s circle. And Michael Campbell has still a long way to go before he comes even close. So there’s still a chance if he remembers sometimes it takes a long time.

Leading the way is Robert Gamez, 15 years 6 months. Closely followed by Butch Baird. Ed Fiori at 14 years 8 months and coming in at 4th and 5th at a mere 13 years 8 months, Tommy Armour III and Joey Sinedelar.

Keeping in mind that, “a win’s a win” when it comes to rebuilding one’s confidence, it was pleasing to read on Cambo’s web site, “Michael Campbell collected his first success in some time when his team finished atop of the leader board in this week’s Hassan II Trophy Pro-Am in Agadir…The former U.S. Open winner led his team to victory over the Royal Course to share the honours with Sweden’s Carin Koch who led her amateur team to success on the adjoining Ocean course.” But alas his second round 71 wasn’t good enough to make the cut come the real thing.

It was also interesting to read that a company still has faith in him.

“Michael Campbell is the new face of ‘Piranha Golf’ after signing a deal to represent the Australian-based clubs manufacturer…The former U.S. Open winner signed a sponsorship deal that sees Campbell with a 10-club deal along with a smart black-and-yellow Piranda bag plus he’ll wear shirts with the company’s logo.”

Cambo’s name still crops up in Kiwi clubhouse conversations and it’s often mentioned by people who’ve watched him on the practice ground that he’s hitting it well until he gets to the first tee. Which brings me to something said by the coach responsible for facilitating Tiger’s comeback.

Sean Foley is interviewed by Guy Yucom who asks, “Why do golfers hit it great on the range but then hit it lousy on the course?”
Sean replies, “The answer usually is a change in what I call "range speed." On the range, where there's no stress, you establish a certain tempo, speed and effort. On the course, when you're performing, those elements tend to change, almost always to something faster with more effort. No one is immune to it; it's something Tiger and I have worked on. Early in the round especially, think mainly of swinging smoothly with good tempo.”

Now there’s a thought for Cambo. And for the rest of us who are all too familiar with the practice ground/golf course performance phenomenon.

Here’s the link to Derek Evers, Cambo’s web site and Guy.

Quote of the Day
“Lessons sometimes don't "take." This can be the teacher's fault--or yours. If you don't have a specific goal, teachers are likely to rebuild your swing as they think it should be. They might try to alter your swing plane when all you really want is to learn how to hit a fade with your driver." – Sean Foley

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