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Golf: The Goldilocks Zone

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“So clearly there is a Goldilocks zone here to be found, a balance where your golfing performance matters to you, but it doesn't matter too much. But how do you find it? Back in 1981, Timothy Gallwey wrote one of the best ever books on golfing psychology – the Inner Game of Golf. In it, he wrote: You have to shatter the illusion that golf matters, and then you have to build it back up again. This, I believe, is the key to striking this ideal balance.”

Mind games in golf
The above passage is from Today’s Golfer magazine and is written by Karl Morris who is a mind game guru and who advised Louis Oosthuizen to focus on a small red spot on his golf glove and in so doing is credited with playing a critical role in his Louis’ winning of the Open Championship at St Andrews.

Karl writes, “If you are putting excessive pressure on yourself each time you play, it's time to judge your golf by something other than score. So for one month, go out and play with enjoyment, not score, as the primary factor.

Owning your swing
Over at golfwrx, Richard Cartwright is interviewing Karl and what Karl is saying reminds me of Tiger Woods’ troubling times when he said he had fallen short of owning his own swing the way he believed Ben Hogan had. 

Karl says, “I have worked with some of the best players in the world, and some of them need to hit lots of shots in practice. Others hit relatively few shots on the range, but they spend a lot of time on the course. You need to put the time in, but it needs to be time that suits you as opposed to some model of what is “correct.” The most important person a golfer needs to find out about is himself or herself.”

Link to Today’s Golfer and Richard Cartwright

Quote of the Day
“Having real clarity on what you are working on technically allows you to free up mentally…This allows the mind to then get on with the job of playing golf,  as you are not in constant “fix-it” mode.” – Karl Morris


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