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Golf: Handling First Tee Fright

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Performance, at any level, is a function of more than just your physical attributes.  Mental acuity and emotional equilibrium also play a substantial role in your success,” writes Mark Immelman.

Left brain
Personally I found Mark’s article, “How to use your first tee nerves to your advantage,” way too left brain. For example.
“Along those lines I turned to a dear friend and expert in Fear and Anxiety disorders, Dr. Kevin Chapman (who recently appeared on my On the Mark podcast). 
Says Dr. Chapman:  “Anxiety is also known as ‘Preparatory Coping’. It has the purpose of alerting us to a future threat.  Anxiety contains three parts: Thoughts, Physical Sensations and Behaviors.  This experience is meant to help us in taking effective action in dealing with a threat. Coming off a long lay-off is something that ‘should’ be anxiety-provoking.  Understanding that this anxiety is trying to prompt us to prepare to utilize our skills (which is why our arousal increases) while shifting our attention to the situation, will will lead us to successfully regulating the anxiety, which will lead to a positive outcome or performance.”

Right brain
So I turned to YouTube for something that suits my mind-set and found Sir Nick Faldo. “How to Cope With First Tee Nerves! | Nick Faldo Golf Tips” And it’s a keeper and already in my Bookmarks.

Link to Mark Immelman


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