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Golf: Harder Balls Are Best

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
“There are very few golfers who want to give up distance from the tee, and rightly so as it’s proven the further you’re down the fairway from the tee equals closer approaches. Our test pro reckoned if you want a rule of thumb for picking a ball in the tour-level category, go for the hardest ball you can tolerate.” That’s from Simon Daddow at Today's Golfer, a UK monthly golf magazine.
Mail order balls make sense
Simon Daddow is the magazine’s equipment editor and investigates “Titleist Pro V1 vs Mail order golf balls”
I suggest it wouldn’t be cost effective to purchase here in New Zealand from the overseas mail order companies nevertheless Simon’s remarks are worth mentioning.
By the way Simon informs us, “there’s new ball upstarts out there like Vice and Snell Golf, who think a bit differently. Both spotted the huge potential in premium tour golf balls and a significant gap in how balls are sold to golfers.”
Pro V1 still the best?
Simon asks, “Is it time to stop blindly playing the Titleist Pro V1?
If you’ve blindly played the Titleist Pro V1 for years we couldn’t think of a better time to reassess if it’s still your best ball. The Pro V1 underwent some updates at the start of 2018 and Titleist said themselves that some players would now be better off switching between the 1 and 1x.”
Must be urethane
Simon says, “It’s got to be covered in urethane
If you absolutely swear your game demands a tour-level ball, then you have to make sure the cover is urethane. All the top brand’s tour balls are urethane covered and so was each of our mail order models. At this moment in time a urethane cover has got to be the absolute bare minimum for a ball to be considered a tour ball.”
Snell golf balls are serious stuff
One of the mail order golf balls under investigation is the Snell brand which should be taken seriously.
Simon asks, “Who are snell Golf?” and advises us, “Founder Dean Snell has more than 28 years experience in the golf industry. He was involved in designing the original Pro V1 during seven years at Titleist; 12 years at TaylorMade saw him develop their first tour ball and he was responsible for golf’s first five-layer ball, the Penta. He holds 40 US patents and, before entering the golf industry, worked in defence and aerospace, designing parts for F16, F18 and Blackhawk helicopters.
Link to Simon Daddow
Quote of the Day
“Yes premium mail order golf balls really can compete against golf’s No.1 ball. And the best bit is you’ll keep over £22 quid in your pocket for every dozen Snells you buy over the Pro V1.” - Simon Daddow

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