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Golf: A Load Of (Rocket)Ballz?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“We’re advertising 17 yards because legally that’s all we’re allowed to advertise, but most times when we’ve done 1-on-1 (testing), it’s been 20 to 26 [more] yards.”

The “we” referred to is Taylor Made and in particular its latest RocketBallz line, driver and fairway woods. And please call it “RBZ” and not by its full name. Feedback on the golf forums suggest TM made a real Ballz up giving it such a full name.

If you’ve been wondering about the number “17” displayed on the pros’ golf caps. Now you know. The marketing men are promoting their “17 more yards” slogan.

Thanks to Geoff Shackelford for the heads up on this story-line. And his post has generated lots of interesting comments. Alas little experience recorded by golfers who have bought into the promise and attempted to prove if TM’s slogan is a lot of Ballz or “You better believe it!”

“Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade's senior director of product creation. "When we tested it during our demo day in Orlando [at the PGA Merchandise Show], the average was 28.6 yards longer. We've never had a jump like that. Never.”

Bonnie Banks’ comments, “I have a pro shop-do a lot of custom fitting-and can confirm between 15 and 20 yards extra with the RBZ. Mind you the Adams does just about the same.”

Since Adams and the RBZ line attribute the additional length, to among other things, the speed slots, I was particularly interested in this matter having purchased both the driver and 3-wood in the Adams product.

Never did get the added length but they do have a great feel to them. And was particularly interested in a comment, in another forum, about the Adams 3-wood which has the tendency to dig in. This has also been my experience and consequently since my home course has kikuyu fairways it’s a major issue and the 3-wood is now retired to my, “One day I’ll sell it collection.”

And so for what it’s worth, I suggest you play the RBZ 3-wood off the dirt before you make your decision to buy or not to buy.

Since the RBZ line is very new there’s not a lot on the forums about personal experience with the RBZs but what there is tends to confirm TM’s slogan is not BS.

Here’s the link to Geoff  

Quote of the Day

“Golf Galaxy, the leading golf retailer in Western Pennsylvania, said it is selling five times the number of RBZ fairway metals than any other model.” – Gerry Dulac

Sounds like the (honest) word is out about the RBZ fairway woods.

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