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Golf: A Loathsome Display

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Rarely have things spilled over into as loathsome a display of self-centeredness as J.B. Holmes taking four minutes and 10 seconds to play one shot in the 2018 Farmers Insurance Open final round,” writes Geoff Shackelford who like very many other people who were appalled by the time it took J.B. to play his shot.

Very trying
Charles Curtis writes, “If you need to make the perfect shot to have any chance at an eagle try, I get taking a little bit of extra time to figure out the perfect club and approach. But it took Holmes over four minutes — an eternity in golf, particularly for Noren — before taking his shot, which wasn’t a good one.”
When asked about the delay Holmes, unapologetically replied, “I was still trying to win. That’s part of it,” he said.
A very trying response indeed.

I will leave it to Mark Calcavecchia to voice my thoughts.
1. JB needs to be fined or better yet given 2 shots
2  Needs eagle to tie. After all that lays up?  Really???
3 Horrendous sportsmanship to Noren and Palmer”


It’s debatable if it was actually Mark Twain who said, “Denial ain't just a river in Egypt,” however there’s no denying the officers of the PGA need to look again.

Geoff Shackelford writes, “To date, new Commissioner Jay Monahan has publicly suggested he does not see slow play as major issue as his counterparts in Europe introduce new rules and even a shot clock tournament. And there certainly are times where an indecisive player on a risk-reward hole makes for dramatic theater. However, when it's a known slow-poke who ultimately doesn't even take the risky shot in hopes of winning, the appearance is dreadful.”

Geoff also writes of another issue where there’s denial about the current state of affairs and its effects on the game and the environment.

“In recent months, the 8,500 yard number has been floated as the yardage needed to restore long irons and protect the golf ball from those who want to do it harm. This absurd, acreage-engulfing number apparently stemmed from Erin Hills which apparently resonated with some. Most felt a sense of irrational scale and emptiness post-U.S. Open, realizing the unproductiveness of chasing a larger footprint… it takes longer to play an 8,500 yard course than a 7,500 yard course and definitely more time than touring a 6,500 yard course.”

Link to Geoff Shackelford and Charles Curtis
Quote of the Day
“If the PGA Tour doesn’t tell Holmes in the scoring tent to add two to his score on 18 they have no courage at all.” – Larry Mowry


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