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Golf: The Lost Art of Putting

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Does the stroke create the putt or does the putt create the stroke? To be child-like is to have a simple fascination in getting the ball into the hole and to love the task of doing so..” is how over at Amazon we are introduced to The Lost Art of Putting by Gary Nicol and Karl Morris.

Karl Morris
Now there’s a name which brings back memories of Louis Oosthuizen’s 2010 Open Championship victory at St Andrews where the idea of a small red spot on Oosthuizen’s golf glove came from Karl Morris, a sport’s psychologist and was credited with playing a large part in his victory.
The Independent newspaper advises us “Psychology of sport: how a red dot swung it for Open champion, The strategy employed by golfer Louis Oosthuizen demonstrates the growing importance of mental techniques in the field of competitive sport”.

Knowledge of Karl’s involvement in The Lost Art of Putting came from a post over at the National Club Golfer and is headlined, “Why the course isn't your main opponent when playing golf”.

I’m lost
Alas I’m lost for clues and teasers as to what we are going to be treated to should we feel inclined to buy the book and I’m left trusting that Karl Morris who has in the past produced some good ideas is  worth listening to.

Over at his website The Mind Factor – Train Your Golf Brain there’s an offer of a 4-hour course on how Karl will improve your putting but little about the process and the best I can come up with is this thought and quoting Karl in the Independent, "His (Louis Oosthuizen) pre-shot routine was all over the place. I suggested he changed his whole game plan after he told me that when he played in the US Open last month he was making split decisions instead of thinking about what he should have been doing. One of the tips I gave him was to put a red spot on his glove and to focus on it during his swing,"

Links to National Club Golfer Amazon The Mind Factor – Train Your Golf Brain web site

Quote of the Day
“I have said many times before both in articles and on my podcast, this game is not about finding THE way to play but more about uncovering YOUR way to play.” - Dr Karl Morris


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