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Golf: MacKenzie, The Masters And The Missing Money

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

Heading his Masters’ special blog, Geoff Shackelford presents a collection of busts of famous people associated with the place and underneath the iconic portrait of Dr Alistair MacKenzie, the words, “Unpaid 80 years overdue”

Robert Fagan reminds us, “The Club nearly went bankrupt and only paid course designer Alistair Mackenzie only $2,000 of the $10,000 it owed him.  He died in January, 1934 just two months before the first tournament was held.”
And as far as I’m aware neither he nor the beneficiaries of his will were ever paid the balance of his outstanding fee.

Fortunately the following from Geoff was an April Fool’s joke; “Donald Trump, the New York real estate developer, reality television star, litigation hobbyist and occasional political pundit, was extended a membership to Augusta National Golf Club this fall, sources exclusively tell” And since Alistair Cooke, the man made famous through his Letter from America considered, “The Masters is more like a vast Edwardian garden party than a golf tournament.”
Maybe they’re not yet ready for the likes of “The Don”.

Likewise please tell me this is an April Fool’s joke.
 "This Buried Lie Could Change Golf History…Swedish archaeologists unearthed an 1000-year-old iron piece and because of its location, along with a mysterious nearby hole, have determined that golf may have started there long before it began in Scotland…What this find may mean, is the Vikings were playing a game with a ball, a club and a hole about two centuries before the Scots called the game golf.”

Michael writes, “Of course this is an April Fool's joke. The swedes got Geoff last year as well: Kalskog GK will be stripping some of the rules on clothing this season, to say the least. The golf club will allow nudists to play on the course.”

And so it is with some relief that I’ve confirmed that “The Don” won’t be donning a green jacket in the near future. Scotland’s claim to be the home of golf is still in tact and since clothes maketh the man and the golfer, nudity is not appropriate for playing the royal and ancient game of golf
But I am left wondering if indeed the Good Doc or his family did receive some form of payment since Geoff also has an image of a man with “Paid in full” written at the bottom.
Feedback from Geoff’s comments section suggests the Good Doc never did get paid the balance.

Here’s the link to Robert Fagan Geoff on Donald Trump and on the Viking myth
Quote of the Day
“Sandwiches still cost less than $3 and children of badge holders between the ages of 8 and 16 are admitted free of charge.” – Robert Fagan commenting on the kindness of the good people hosting the Masters

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