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Golf: The Most Wanted Ball

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Callaway Investing $50 Million Into Its Ball Plant After MyGolfSpy Exposes Issues,” writes Geoff Shackelford comenting on, “MyGolfSpy having exposed an off-center core in a Callaway Chrome Soft and unleashing a firestorm in the equipment forums. Apparently there was something to it, since Callaway executives Sean Toulon and Alan Hocknell have since visited MyGolfSpy’s testing facility and pledged a $50 million investment to improve quality control in their ballmaking process.”

So what’s new?
Geoff’s revelation led me to the MyGolfSpy website and investigating their, “most impactful test we have ever published.”
As to the ‘expose’ of the off-center core in a Callaway Chrome Soft there was little said however there was lots of food for thought based on their findings and not just the merits of the different brands of ball.

Golf Ball Fitting is the Future

We are told that, “The more significant change to come from this test should be that the golf ball becomes part of every fitting conversation.
It’s evident that the industry as a whole needs to focus less on marketing (feel), and more on fitting golfers for balls that will actually help us shoot lower scores.

No golfer would leave almost 20-yards on the table because he likes the feel of a driver. Distance isn’t everything, but it matters. The same is true for greenside spin, launch characteristics, and every other aspect of golf ball performance. Fitting for the golf ball absolutely matters – in fact, it matters every bit as much as club fitting, and likely more. (my emphasis). Our data suggests that the golf ball might be the single most important decision you make about what goes in your bag.”

A sucker for soft balls
As someone with a love for a soft ball it came as a shock to read.
“A Soft Golf Ball Is A Slow Golf Ball.
A soft ball is a slow ball; it’s that simple. If you are playing a “soft” golf ball, it’s probably costing you distance off the tee (unless you swing under 85 MPH) and spin around the green.
A growing segment within the market, the soft (or low compression) segment of the market includes familiar balls like Callaway Chrome Soft, Wilson DUO, Bridgestone Tour B RXS, and Titleist AVX.
Firmer balls are faster, generally longer, and as an added benefit to many golfers, they spin more around the green.
We get that some of you love soft feel, but the reality is that the only golfers likely to see real performance benefits from low compression balls are high speed, high spin players. That’s probably not you.”

The good news about your bad shots
“You might be able to blame your next shot on your golf ball. That’s right; golfers might have a legitimate excuse the next time they play.
Our testing found some major inconsistencies in some ball models that resulted in shots that flew 20 yards or more offline (in high-speed testing). Given the consistency of the swing robot, this is something you would expect. The experts we spoke with believe the issues can be traced to manufacturing inconsistencies (ball not round, layers not centered, or a dimple irregularity). These same irregularities can cause inconsistent carry distances as well.”

Link to Geoff Shackelford and mygolfspy

Quote of the Day

“We can’t emphasize this enough. After conducting this test, we’ve become firm believers in the idea that golfers should pick a ball and play it…exclusively.” - MyGolfSpy


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