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Golf : Muirfield’s Men-Only Maybe Not So Wrong

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Rest of the world ‘support’ Muirfield’s female ban,” reads the headline in The Scotsman.

According to Twitter
“A bizarre Twitter map has shown a large percentage of social media users around the globe have backed Muirfield’s controversial ongoing ban for women.
The map, created by an online expert based in Edinburgh, shows that much of the planet lit up over the Scottish club’s decision not to reverse its men-only policy.
But while Western Europe and North America turned angry red as most Twitter users condemned the decision, much of the rest of the world approved.
The image took a sample of 10,000 Muirfield-related tweets from around the world.”

10,000 tweets isn’t what one would call a sufficiently large sample nevertheless it does create lots of conjecture.

Kiwis red with rage
Observing the map created by Kenny Murray who said, “This remarkable image shows just how far around the world the discussion has gone. It seems most major nations are discussing it, with millions of Twitter users worldwide now seeing Muirfield matched alongside hashtags such as #sexistpigs,"

It is most apparent that Kiwis did not take kindly to the men of Muirfield’s decision. There’s a huge blob of red hovering over the land of the long white cloud.

As for New Zealand’s nearest neighbour the rednecks of Queensland’s coastline have gone green and appear to favour the Muirfield decision and the only hotspot on the map of Australia is around Perth, Western Australia.

So where are the angry women?

According to The Scotsman, “A funny piece of data, though, is that of those discussing the decision, almost 70% are men.
“So it’s not even an army of women angry at the decision, but men around the world rallying to criticise Muirfield – that’s their target market pretty annoyed.”

And according to Mrs Paul’s comments on the article.
“From a Scottish woman living in Scotland - what part of 'private' are the moaners and SJWs (social justice warriors, and no, it's not a term of endearment) missing here? If the course and club were public the wails of outrage would be justified but in this case it only smacks of an extremely juvenile, petty push to demonise men who pay a considerable sum to be members of a male only club.

Quite frankly this all reminds me of nothing more than a spoilt brat little sister trying to force her brother to let her in the clubhouse he and his mates built - 'If you don't let me in your clubhouse I'll tell Mummy!'.
Grow up, 'ladies' (used loosely as real ladies do not force themselves in where they are unwanted).”

Link to The Scotsman

Quote of the Day

“Women should marry member to join Muirfield” – Peter Allis


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