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Golf: Phil’s Coffee Fix

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

‘The sight of Phil Mickelson sipping from an oversize coffee mug during tournament rounds has become almost as ubiquitous as his signature thumbs-up,’ writes Sam Weinman who heads his article,’Explaining the science behind Phil Mickelson's coffee and fasting combo’.

If you don’t mind I’ll give the fasting bit a miss however should you wish a hint here it is.
Sam writes, “The practice of regular 36-hour fasts that helped reduce inflammation in his body. After being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis more than a decade ago, the golfer embraced fasting during off weeks as a way to boost his immune system and clean toxins from his body.”

As for the coffee fix it gets kinda complicated.
“Even when not fasting, Mickelson’s coffee blend is suited for the unique challenges of tournament golf. As with regular coffee, it has caffeine for bursts of energy. But since most coffee drinkers know too much can lead to edginess or the shakes, Mickelson adds an ingredient, L-theanine, designed to calm the nervous system.

To counter the inevitable hunger cravings of fasting, Mickelson also includes medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, also a component of the popular Bulletproof coffee blend, which provides calories while also boosting metabolism. He adds collagen, a protein that can promote healthy joints and skin; salt to counter the loss of electrolytes during competition; and lastly cinnamon, an antioxidant that also dulls some of coffee’s bitterness.”

Entrepreneur Phil has come up with his Coffee For Wellness brand.
Alas a visit to his coffee web site informs me, “ DUE to HIGH DEMAND and COVID-RELATED SHIPPING DElays,  ORDERS may take a bit longer than usual.”

Link to Sam Weinman


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