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Golf: The Putter With The Hole In It

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Just place the hole in the putter over the ball and then dab down on it and it will pick it up off the green for you. That is obviously after you have been conceded it for the win rather than picking it up because you have missed again.” That’s from Martin Hopley reviewing the Ping Sigma 2 range of putters.

Fetch it!
It’s called the Fetch because the putter will, like a dog chasing a ball fetch it for you and this sounds great for older folks and lads and lassies with bad backs who hate having to bend over

James Savage writes, “The Sigma 2 range includes nine new models but we have been testing out three – the bladed ZB 2, a large mallet in the Valor and the mid-mallet Fetch which picks the ball out of the hole without the need to bend down.” Adding that, “Ping say that eight out of 10 golfers are playing a putter which is the wrong length so each model in the Sigma 2 range has an adjustable shaft.”

Great for tweakers

As someone who’s constantly tweaking his swing and anything that’s permissible to modify my golf club’s features I just love the prospect of fiddling around with the choice of shaft length.
It would’ve been even more exciting if there were lengthier options but alas I’m advised, “The adjustable-length shaft is lightweight, easy to use and sleekly concealed beneath the grip, allowing golfers to customise length between 32″ and 36″ to fit their stroke and posture,” said Ping president John K. Solheim.”

Self fitting
James once again quotes the Ping president, “Our engineers took a very complex technical challenge and simplified it for the benefit of golfers. It allows you to experiment with various lengths and ultimately self-fit yourself.
“You’re no longer limited to a specific length measurement. You simply adjust it until you’re comfortable, ideally with your eyes directly over the ball. We call it ‘invisible’ technology but once you customise it to your length, the results will be very clear on your scorecard.”

Clearly what we are being presented with is the kind of breakthrough Ping are famous for and apart from having the opportunity to self-fit myself the news gets even better, “To improve the feel and performance off the face Ping have introduced something called dual-durometer Pebax face material.
They say the softer front layer ensures the precision necessary for shorter, delicate must-make putts.”

Link to Martin Hopley and James Savage

Quote of the Day
“Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting.” - Peter Dobereiner


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