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Golf: Slumping Jordan Spieth – A Solution?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“(Spieth) is part of a problem that is going on in golf right now, almost an epidemic of players (aged from the mid-20s to mid-30s) who just disappear off the planet”. Extract from Reuters

Brandel at his best

Love him or hate him, Brandel Chamblee is a blessing for us bloggers desperately seeking interesting comments for content and this time he goes as far as suggest, “Spieth risks oblivion unless he stops tinkering.” And reminds us, “British Open champions David Duval and Ian Baker-Finch as prime examples, pointed to a long list of players whose games went into permanent decline when they started tinkering with their swings.”

Simultaneously as I searched for something worth recording I discovered that Lydia Ko and more significantly her parents were being blasted by David Leadbetter for fostering continual changes in coaches to resurrect her previous ability to perform so well.
Could be Brandel’s bluntness could help both Spieth and Ko?

As for Azinger
Chamblee and former major champion Paul Azinger were speaking on a conference call and...
“Azinger sounded more confident that Spieth would find his way back, but like Chamblee urged the 26-year-old to keep it simple.
Azinger cited the late Byron Nelson, who once said there were two kinds of players; those who needed to know a little and those who needed to know it all.
“It’s not that complicated,” Azinger said.
“He’s a smart guy and I think at this point you’ve just got to let him be young here for a little while and figure it all out.
“He’s two or three swings away from piecing it back together. He’s going to be around for a long time.””

Brandel’s best advice
“I believe he needs to get back to the softness and athleticism that he had when he first came out,”
You could call it a wise ignorance that he had then, or an ignorant wisdom. There’s a lot to be said about just going out and being an athlete.
He doesn’t need to work on anything at all. This incessant tinkering comes with a cost. Some get better but more have disappeared. It could happen very easily that he never finds his way back home.” 

Link to Reuters

Quote of the Day

“Give me a man with big hands and big feet and no brains and I'll make a golfer out of him.”
- Walter Hagen


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