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Golf: Squeaky Clean or Something to Hide?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“According to WADA, golf carried out the fewest number of drugs tests of major sports – just 417 – in 2015. Compare that with football, where 32,362 samples were analysed, or athletics with 30,308.” That’s from Steve Carroll at the National Club Golfer.

“It’s about bloody time”
I’d heard about the drug news but hadn’t read anything until Martin Dempster’s article caught my eye, ‘Blood testing for golf: about bloody time says Greg Norman’.

Martin writes, “Former world No 1 Greg Norman has welcomed the PGA Tour introducing blood testing next season as part of its anti-doping policy, saying “it is about bloody time” the step was taken. The Australian is also delighted that, as part of the US circuit beefing up that policy, its list of banned substances is also being brought into line with the World Anti-Doping Agency.”

Greg’s great advantage gone
Elsewhere I have written of how technology turned against Tiger  where Colin Montgomerie says, “What might Woods have done had the game never moved off the balata ball and the wooden wood?
Likewise I ask, “Did drug taking by his fellow golfers do away with Greg Norman’s length advantage off the tee?”
Pop a pill of take you pick; don’t get caught and suddenly you can now get them out there just like ‘The Great White Shark’.

Some thoughts from the Home of Golf
Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh and I usually do while reading the comments section in The Scotsman.
This from Media One commenting on Martin Dempster’s article.
“No need to test golfers, steroids or performance drugs cannot help you hit a fairway or drain a 10 foot putt. Golf is in the hands and the mind and no amount of drugs will help anyone win a tournament. Once again, total nonsense and nanny state bull-$h1t. And who's business is it if you take a recreational drug? What next, testing rock bands as they come off stage? Utter nonsense.”

Link to Steve Carroll and Martin Dempster

Quote of the Day

“The first time I played the Masters, I was so nervous I drank a bottle of rum before I teed off. I shot the happiest 83 of my life.” - Chi Chi Rodriguez


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