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Golf: Stack and Tilt Sucks?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

In recent years the Stack and Tilt golf swing methodology has come in for a fair amount of comment and criticism. And it’s mentioned in Robert Thompson’s coverage of the recent Toronto Golf Show.

Robert is interviewing David Leadbetter who said, “There’s no point in the game where a method has ever worked. And stack and tilt is a method. Those commercials they have on TV — do any of them work with them any more?”

I’ve never seen the commercials but have done lots of surfing on the subject. So I’m in no position to say that from personal experience, it works or sucks-hence my question mark.

Would be nice to receive some comments on the subject.

Prior to reading Robert’s coverage, I thought that David Leadbetter had some kind of methodology which created the new Nick Faldo swing which took him to golfing greatness. But it appears not so. Perhaps merely lots of tweaking and not a fail-proof methodology.

As to the value of taking a two year “break” to build a swing, David says, “These days you don’t do that with players. These days it is on the job work. They can’t afford to take two years to make a change.”

Excuse me, David. Given the money these professionals get for even coming way down the prize list I’d have thought there would still be enough in the kitty after a two year break.

On the matter of Michelle Wie, I get the feeling David doesn’t feel she’s hungry enough.

“She has the ability, whether she wants it or not that badly…” suggests some doubt in David’s mind.

According to David, Michelle and Suzann Pettersen, “are the best going. Nothing against these Korean girls out there, who are very good players, but there is no dominant player among them.”

An interesting observation which is true at present, but not so sure it will always be the case.

Speaking on the subject of swing coaches, David says, “In some cases we get too much credit...”

But don’t expect to get reduced tuition fees.

Then there’s his thoughts on Tiger. “In some ways he might be even more determined to prove himself. But I think the other players will see him in a different light…Now you have the players like Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler and they are going to go in with an attitude that this guy isn’t perfect, he’s human after all and they have a chance. And really believing it, which is a big difference.”

Ah yes but can they really believe it? Especially if Tiger comes back with a bang and generates a sense of nothing has changed as far as his golf is concerned.

Here’s the link to Robert Thompson’s insightful article.

Incidentally, should you be planning to play golf in Canada, Robert’s blog is a great source of information. For instance I’d love to play Highland Links in Nova Scotia and Robert has confirmed it is, “the best course in Canada.”

Thought for the day: TEMPO

A reminder for Tony Jacklin as he opened his locker door while preparing for his final round at Hazeltine. On his way to winning the U.S. Open.

Believed to have been put there by Tom Weiskopf and suggesting it should be Tony's key thought for the day.

Guid gowfin’ at the weekend.



This post was originally published on the 12th of March 2010. It is being republished as part of a 'best of' series, which finishes today.

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