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Golf: Steve Williams Comes Out of Retirement

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“Either Steve Williams is just helping out a friend in need, or maybe he isn't so committed to retirement after all.”

Sam Weinman writes, 'When (Guy) Yocom had visited with Williams, Scott had Kerr on board. But with the player in need of a caddie, and with the most successful stretch of his career coming with Williams on the bag, he felt compelled to lure the bagman back into the fray for at least the next four tournaments -- the U.S. Open, the Open Championship, WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, and PGA Championship.'

Guy Yocom – My Shot
Guy’s ‘My Shot’ column for July features Steve Williams; photographs and all with him looking like a regular log-chopping Kiwi bloke and sharing some interesting stories.

‘Raymond Floyd believed the ball could be willed into the hole. He didn't just want me on the green with him, he'd tell me, "Stevie, you need to will that ball into the hole along with me. If we're both willing it, it gives it a 50 percent greater chance of going in.’
Guy writes, ‘Now, science tells us you can't actually do that..,’ but we golfers beg to differ because it’s undoubtedly a factor in explaining the, ‘uncommon number of Raymond's putts did seem to catch an edge and drop at the last second.’

'One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen'
Steve talks about Tiger’s hole-out from behind the 16th at the 2005 Masters.
‘There’s more to that Tiger hole-out than you probably know. After Tiger inspected the green and was walking back to his ball, he pointed out an old ball mark on the green. It was the size of a dime, almost fully healed, practically invisible. He said, "You think if I hit that spot, it'll take the slope without going into the bunker?" His concern was the left greenside bunker; if the ball came off the slope with too much speed, it definitely could roll in there. I told him I liked that play. He then hit that old ball mark exactly, from 20 feet away from a tough lie. That the ball went in the hole was sort of a miracle, but hitting the old ball mark on the fly was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.’

Tiger’s touching generosity
‘In some ways, the stories of Tiger’s frugality are true.’
And then there’s this story of particular relevance to Kiwi readers.

‘In 2010, what came to be known as the Pike River Mine Disaster occurred here in New Zealand—a mine explosion that claimed the lives of 29 miners. It happened on a Wednesday during what we call Speedweek, in which we race on a different track every night for a week. The final event was to be on Sunday at Greymouth, near where the disaster happened. Naturally they considered canceling, but then they decided to stage the race and raise money for the families. Tiger had heard about it on the news, and when we spoke on the phone he immediately offered a donation. I'm not comfortable divulging the amount, but it was substantial, and it helped those families considerably. It wasn't uncommon for Tiger to do things like that.’

Links to Sam Weinman and Guy Yocom

Quote of the Day
"When you travel, never drink tap water and always eat well. Do those two things, and everything else will be fine." – Walter Godfrey’s advice to Steve as he embarked on his career as a caddie.

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