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Golf: Swing Like Sergio And Other Tips

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
“I’d argue that trying to apply the principles evident in Sergio’s swing is better for the average golfer than trying to swing like Bryson DeChambeau,“ says Dr. Sasho MacKenzie interviewed by Luke Kerr-Dineen
Mountains of evidence
Luke writes, “He (Dr MacKenzie) spouts facts, based on mountains of evidence generated from his lab in the Department of Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. The biomechanics professor’s goal: Optimizing how speed is created during the swing. His target: any player who’s willing to listen.” 
So what’s so good about Sergio?
Dr MacKenzie says, “There’s a reason that guys like Matt Wolff and Sergio get the shaft moving on different planes: They can swing it faster that way! I’ve got nothing bad to say about Adam Scott; lovely swing, and he’s managed to make everybody happy in terms of aesthetics. But the underlying mechanics aren’t as effective at moving the club with force.”
In simple terms Sergio’s swing 1. Minimal wrist hinge forces a wide turn with the upper body. 2. As he starts down, his wrists rehinge as the club moves onto a different plane—a “whip” move for more power. 3. A full release of the arms through impact.” 
More facts
“The data indicates that if the average golfer moved their hands four inches further into their backswing, then swing speed would increase by 2.4 mph. 
Some coaches talk about the benefits of making a slow backswing, but that could be costing an athletic golfer speed. In reality, a faster backswing triggers greater muscle activation in transition, which can result in a faster downswing. 
You need to be very careful not mess-up the sound mechanics of an elite golfer to achieve an ‘on-plane look’. Same with all the other guys who work overly hard on staying on plane.”
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Quote of the Day
“This added swing length can come from extra hip rotation in the backswing by letting the lead heel come off the ground.” -  Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

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