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Golf: Take Your Pre-Shot Routine and…

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“There is a great story of Moe's (Moe Norman) time on the PGA tour when, frustrated by the snail's pace of play, he putted a ball between another player's legs and into the hole as the player was retrieving his ball. Sadly, they ran Moe off the tour. He just wasn't "serious" enough.”

John Haynes of the above quote concludes his blog post with, “Take your pre-shot routines and shove 'em…”

Pre-shot routines a pain!

John heads his post, “Take Your Pre-Shot Routine,” and then starts venting.
“I would love to kick the person who first decided to teach the ore-shot routine right in the "how's your mothers." Now, thanks to the apparent virtue of a consistent pre-shot routine, we get to watch a guy who can't break ninety put on his glove before every shot; then close the flap, then undo it and close it up again as per Ernie Els. We may also get to watch him tug on his shirt like Tiger, aim the clubface like Justin Rose, and even do the "do I, or don't I," three-step into the ball like the kid, Bradley, from Vermont whose aunt was a great player. And then, after all the pre-shot routine shenanigans, we get to search for his ball in the woods.”

Anchoring yourself
Personally I’m a John Haynes kind of guy however I do believe that some kind of habitual process prior to playing a shot does help but doesn’t need to be of long duration.
In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming they have a process called “Anchoring”

David MacKenzie does a good with the following explanation.
“The anchoring process for NLP for golf is about associating a particular mood or feeling with one of the triggers above. Then you can use that trigger to help reproduce that same feeling/mood. The more that feeling/experience is anchored, the more powerful the trigger will become.
There are 5 types of trigger:
    Verbal (words or self-talk)
    Visual (colors, symbols or images of objects/people)
    Auditory (sound)
    Kinesthetic (touch)
Each of us respond differently to these types of trigger, so this is something you will have to experiment with.”

It’s a simple game stupid
For those of us who regularly read John’s blog we’re very well aware of his passion for what the late and very great Bobby Jones had to say about playing golf.

John writes, “Bobby Jones said that golf was actually a simple game that involved hitting a ball with a stick. Man, have we managed to change that. Sometimes golf is now a five-hour ordeal that involves waiting, and watching, while average golfers try, in vain, to imitate the golfers they see on TV. The simple game has become awfully damned complicated.”

Link to John Haynes and David MacKenzie

Quote of the Day

“A leading difficulty with the average player is that he totally misunderstands what is meant by concentration. He may think he is concentrating hard when he is merely worrying.” -- Bobby Jones


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