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Golf: Thoughts On Playing Pebble Beach

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

‘Instinctively I want to say ‘yes’, and just pay the money and go and play it. But I could probably play Muirfield, Birkdale and Hoylake – three Open Championship venues and courses that I would love to play – for not too much more money.’ That’s from Alex Perry and Steve Carroll asking, ‘Would you pay the extortionate green fee to play Pebble Beach?’

As a sometimes called, “Tight-arsed Scotsman,” my expected response would be, “You’ve gotta be joking Jimmy. 500 quid for a round of golf!”

And yet watching the pros play Pebble Beach last weekend on TV and thanks to the many wonderful drone shots. Maybe I should think again.

Steve Carroll writes, ‘I was there for the 2019 US Open so I’ve walked it a few times. The bits that are spectacular are absolutely spectacular...But because those holes are so brilliant, you walk around the rest and you think, ‘I’m not quite sure about some of these.’ It can be a bit underwhelming.’

Thanks Steve that’s exactly what I previously thought when viewing the golf course. Undecided if it was worth the money just to play some absolutely spectacular holes.

Steve also writes, ‘Seven is one of the best short holes I’ve ever seen,’ and it’s the drone shot of the 7th tee that gives rise to my think again attitude.

In the past TV viewers were presented with the players looking down to the green with a view of Carmel Bay and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve in the distance.
Rarely if ever can I recall being presented with the view of a camera shot in a different direction where there’s a very impressive aerial view of Stillwater Cove.

Thanks to the present pandemic travel restrictions there’s no way I can just go do it. Should I wish to do so.

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